Holy wow.  It seems like the past few weeks have been full of changes.

Big changes.

Little changes.

Potential changes.

Just a lot of changing.

(Which is why I keep hearing David Bowie singing that song in my head over and over again!)

Anyway.  Things have been changing it almost every way it seems possible.  Plans and calls and decisions are being made and it's all fun and exciting and very interesting to sit back at the end of the night and see how things are unfolding in big ways in little spans of time.

I'm being vague, yes I know, but the changes aren't the point of my story so just trust that I will tell you what I can tell you when I can tell you.

The point of my story is how utterly amazed I've been and how amazed my God has made me this week, because any time that a stumbling block or an obstacle or a wall comes up and gets in our way, it has not stopped anything.

Which amazed me in itself.

But instead, those obstacles--or whatever they've presented themselves as--have instead turned things and guided me/us to where it now seems we were intended to be going in the first place.

It just continually amazes me when I can see how God has been a million-steps-ahead of me the whole time.

It leaves me in awe to see how something from yesterday or three weeks ago or five months ago or two years ago or even ten years ago can turn up and have an impact on today.

We come into each new day thinking that it will be its very own day, untouched, untainted, unaffected by anything.

And yet before it even gets here, our every yesterday (thanks to a creative, thoughtful, and caring God) has shaped and perfected and created the perfect today.

Things are changing.  But they're exciting and wonderful changes.

And someday soon, when things change a little bit more, I'll be able to tell you more about it.

Until then.... ;)


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