Everything Changes

I've been laying low for the last little bit.

I have tons to say but nothing that I really can say at the moment.

So I've laid low.

But last night I was laying in bed thinking about how much life changes.

And how sometimes it's a slow change.

Like last year, when I was waiting on Jason to come to my house for the first time...I was so nervous because I knew that I really liked him but I wasn't yet certain on how he felt.  I was talking on the phone with one of my girl friends who made the comment that in a matter of minutes I could be meeting The One.

Which only served to make me more nervous.

At the end of the night I still knew that I really liked him, but I didn't have any more idea then than before as to if he'd be The One for me or not.

Over time that changed, because today I have no doubt whatsoever that he is.

And then there are other times when life changes in the matter of a moment.  Like the moment a child is born.  Or the moment that a loved one dies.  Or even the moment that it takes to make a decision.

Life is always changing.

And it's always changing for the better these days.


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