Happily Ever Afterall

Guess what I have to tell you?

Something big.

Something exciting.

And something that's making it so very hard to pack and clean my house the way I need to do!

Because I'm giddy and smiley and excited.

Because I'm getting about 2 Facebook alerts on my phone every minute.

Because I'm marrying my best friend and the love of my life.

And we're both so excited and looking forward to our life together.

In fact, I think that's most of what we talked about all evening long!  How perfect our life will be together and how blessed we already are!

So how'd he do it?

How'd I know that's what you'd be wanting to know!

Well, my ring came in Wednesday and after passing my approval, it was whisked away and into his possession, where he lovingly taunted me with it all night long!

And then he brought it to town this weekend, too, "to show his sister", so he's taunted me with it more.

And since he told me he wanted to surprise me I instantly ruled out this weekend, because there was no way I was going to be surprised knowing he had it with him here in town!

But he managed it anyway because this afternoon after spending time with my parents we came back to my house to pack some more stuff up and move a few small furniture pieces out of the house; I was picking on Jason about him supposedly passing up the perfect opportunity to talk to my Daddy this afternoon (apparently it's very intimidating to talk to a girl's dad and ask his permission to marry his daughter).

Anyway, I'm picking on him and walk into my bedroom and am digging through clothes in my closet to change into before we start packing and I turn around to find Jason on one knee behind me.

After kissing him and hugging him and realizing that he straight-up surprised me when I didn't think he could, he slipped the ring on my finger and Ty ran in, finding me hugging Jason and threw his arms around him as well!  I explained to Ty why I was hugging Jason and explained to him that we were going to be getting married.

Ty might've said something like "Oh, cool" before he ran back off into the living room to play the Wii.

But he's mentioned it to me several times tonight and seems excited that his Jason is going to be a more permanent part of our lives.  He's asked to see my ring again and tells me, "I know what that's about, Mama.  That's about you and Jason getting married and we get to be a family!"

That's right baby.  We're going to be a family.

A happy, complete family.


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