Going Ons

My handsome man keeps reminding me that I need to write another blog soon.

And he's right.

I do.

But allocating time and brain energy for it seems to be one of those "Easier said than done" things right now.

So, how about another bulleted entry of what all has been going on.

  • We moved into our new house.  (Yay!)  And on the same day that we were loading up the trailer and trucks full of my furniture I got a call from the realtor who said she had a contract on my other house for the full asking price and needed me to come look over it and sign it if I wanted to accept it!  (Hip hip hooray!)  So we marked that under the ever-growing list of "God Things" that have happened in the short span of time since I first considered moving to Hot Springs.  I won't even have to make my next payment on my other house!  How wonderful is that?
  • Ty had his tonsils out on Wednesday and let me tell you, my kid is a champ. Mornings are worst because it's harder to swallow without pain, but once he gets his medicine and a little bit of drink down him he's good to go.  On Thursday I accidentally knocked myself out with some allergy medicine that I thought was non-drowsy cold medicine and I apparently dozed off long enough for Ty to go to the kitchen, pour a massive bowl of fruit loops, crawl back into bed with me (where we'd been watching TV) and start snacking on dry fruit loops.  I finally snapped to consciousness after the 3rd bite, when I'd processed what was going on) and took the fruit loops from him but he insisted they didn't hurt his throat.  I've let him eat some soft solid foods like Ravioli, scrambled eggs, and string cheese.  But he's done wonderful, which I'm sothankful for!
  • We're working on unpacking and decorating and cleaning the new house and it's going much slower than I anticipated.  Who knew I had so much junk!?  I promise to post pictures whenever we get done but we're still currently in the "hiding the boxes so the house looks clean and unpacked" phase.  We're also minus some decorative necessities, such as somewhere to put the mega-DVD collection that happens when Jason and I merge all the videos we've acquired. Good news is, we'll have tons of duplicates to post on Amazon and make a few pennies off of! We also need to find a bed for Ty and a coffee table, if not two end-tables to match.
  • Jason and Ty are on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles kick.  Every night they're either watching them or pretending to be them.  It's actually quite cute, even if it's a little dorky, too.  Oh, did I mention that Jason can sing the entire theme song from memory?  ;)

Okay, I thought there was a lot more to update with than that but I'm drawing a blank now!
Time to go get ready for a day of shopping with my beautiful mom and wonderful fiancé while my Daddy and little boy bank some quality boy time together!


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