The Tale of the Public Toilet Seat

Sit back, get a cup of coffee and let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time (last week) in a land far away (Maumelle, AR) there was a beautiful princess (well, that should be obvious...) who was attending a ball (property & casualty insurance class).

The beautiful princess was very pleased to find that there was a banquet table (meeting table) full of endless beverages (coffee, water and various pops).

The princess sampled several of the beverages while she was at the ball and she enjoyed each of the beverages she tasted.

After sampling a few beverages the princess discovered she needed to visit the royal water closet (public bathroom).

Upon entering the royal water closet the princess found it neat and orderly and was pleased with its cleanliness.

Until she entered a private stall and found tinkle sprinkled on the seat.

She then went to the next stall and again found tinkle sprinkled on that seat as well.

The princess continued to the next and last empty stall and found that it, too, had tinkle sprinkled on the seat.

The princess became quite irritated at this and chose a stall that had the least tinkle on the seat.

She got some tissue from the royal tissue dispenser and wiped the tinkle off the seat and flushed it.

She then sat her royal rump on the now tinkle-free seat and continued with her business.

[Readers gasp in surprise]

Gasp? What do you mean gasp?

Oh! You didn't know! You can actually SIT on public toilet seats! No need to hover, squat, or sprinkle!

You see, the princess--like others--has this handy covering on her body (skin) that provides a barrier between the germs of the outside world and the immune system of her inner workings.

So she understands that she can actually SIT on the toilet seat without worry that she might catch someone else's royal cooties.

And since she limits her physical hands-on contact with her derriere to washing or wiping, she has little worry of spreading the germs she might get from the toilet seat to areas that might cause her to actually get sick or spread them further.

It's actually quite simple, if you SIT on the toilet seat, you don't TINKLE on the toilet seat, which means there are fewer germs and yuck to spread from person to person!

What a novel idea!

And what a fairy-tale to think of a world where women chose to SIT on public toilet seats rather than sprinkle on them!

But the princess, having found a happily ever after with her two princes (Jason and Ty), continues to dream of a happily ever after in the water closet as well.

The End.


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