An All-In-One

I haven't been writing.

I know.

Bad blogger.

Recent events have humbled me and shown me how incredibly blessed I am to be healthy, to have a healthy and loving fiancĂ© and to have a care-free child that's as happy as he is healthy and active.

So it's hard to write when all you can think about is how truly good you have it, even when times are hard.

But to catch you up on a few things.

There's the cute little conversation I had with Ty recently about how pumpkin-pies (for me) taste like all the best things about fall, all baked together in a wonderful pie.

The happiness and the family and the burning leaves and even a dash of's all baked in there together.

I think that's what makes pumpkin pies soooo good!

Or there's the blog I have in my head from the Sunday School lesson about Solomon and how his worldly ways and lifestyle cost his son.

Because all I could think about is how devastating it would be to know that your sins and your pleasure and your ill-gotten gains caused your child a life of hardship and trouble and loss and despair.

Which gave me a light-bulb moment that kind of put together that missing link in my head as to how Solomon (with his 700 wives and 300 concubines) came to be inspired to pen the Proverbs.

I think that messing one's child's life up might be burden enough to make you rethink what's important and try to pass it along to spare the next generation to follow.

Oh, and there's this.

A video of Jason reading Ty a bedtime story last night.

I love it because Jason didn't even realize he was being taped during the first half of the video!  And the ending of it is just cute to me, too!

Okay!  Well, that's all I've got for now!


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