I will marry my best friend.

A Little Clarification

I had comments, calls and worries expressed to me through several sources regarding the last post and Facebook picture uploads.

So to set everyone's minds at ease:

#1--I got Jason's permission to blog about the stove incident.

We were laughing about it when it happened because we're both just not "there" this week when it comes to getting our mind on what we're doing.

It's almost like we're looking forward to our wedding or something. ;)

So that wasn't a big deal.  Believe me.  I run probably 80% of my online activity past him, especially if I'm not sure how he'd feel about it, simply because I don't want to seem disrespectful, ungrateful, or out of line in any way.

I understand my sense of humor isn't understood by all, so he's my safety.

Sometimes he says "No, don't post that please" sometimes he says "Sure, I don't care!" and sometimes he gives me that cute little grin that says "I'll let you because I love you, even though I'll probably wish I hadn't".

So that blog was Jason approved.

No worries.

#2--Using a dremel on my stovetop is not ruining or destroying it.

I'm glad to see there were more people worried about my sweetheart's feelings about the blog than my stovetop's current condition, but for those who expressed worries, the dremel is working fine on my stovetop.

I'm using a polishing bit to get the remains that the razor blade wouldn't scrape off.  It's softer than my kitchen scrub pad (and half my dish cloths) and I tested it on a small area before I really started using it on a big area.

So don't worry, the stove will be fine too!  I had no worries that it would be forever marred, I just wasn't initially sure how to get it back to normal.

Okay, all that said!!!  I'm tired.  I just had a gazillion messages in my inbox that I wanted to clear up!

Hope everyone has a great evening!  I'm off to enjoy the rest of mine with my boys!

Looking Forward

I'm sitting in my dirty house taking a moment for me.

And you.

I got up this morning and emptied out what's supposed to be a linen closet that was housing small kitchen appliances and some glassware that could be better stored elsewhere.  We're in desperate need of some additional pantry room,so I claimed this hall closet off of the kitchen for exactly that purpose.

Which lead to a complete kitchen reorganization and will end in a clean kitchen sometime this evening..

Even though I just did basically the same thing last week.

Amazing how messy a house can be in a week's time....

So it's been a long day already.

Moving, piling, organizing, cleaning, stacking....

Then Mr. Wonderful fired up the grill and made some of his wonderful grilled chicken that's only one of the gazillion reasons why I'm marrying him.

So I paused the cleaning and made some pasta salad to go with it and opted to skip a side dish of veggies since the chicken is loaded with a rainbow of bell peppers and topped with ooey gooey cheese.

And we sat outside and ate and got full and sleepy.

And since the little boy had an uh-oh in the big boy's bed last night, we all three piled into my bed for a nap.

Of course Ty, the smallest one, claimed the largest portion of the bed, which ended up with Jason and I clinging to our respective sides of the bed and hoping not to fall off.

And now we're all awake and back up and trying to get motivated.

Me so I can continue cleaning and Jason....well, I doubt he does anything until this silly football game is off, but he's grilling steaks for supper, so that's more than forgivable!

But everything I do I find myself more and more ready for our honeymoon.  Yes, for that reason, but for other reasons too!  ;)

Like not having to do laundry or dishes or cooking or any cleaning at all for five blissful days!!

Or the wonderment of not having to carry my cell phone around with me the entire time!  I am SO ready for that!

The family calls and the wedding calls are all expected and, honestly, not as numerous as one would thing, but I get some truly random calls from some truly random places (thanks to Pizza Hut selling my phone number) and so I look forward to not having to, again, say "Please remove me from your calling list".  Even though my cell number is registered on the National Do Not Call Registry.

I feel like I've become a slave to my cell phone and my inbox and so it just seems so nice and peaceful and wonderful to break free of those chains for a few days!

Until then....housework calls!

Counting it Down

Hey there! Remember me?

I'm still here.

Counting down the days till the Big Day!

And we're officially in single digits!

And as crazy and spazzed out as I should be, life is still going on pretty much as normal.

I'm still loving my new job.

And new house.

And new town.

And new family.


So how about I just tell a little about how life's been lately, would that work?

To start with, we still don't have our garage cleaned out after moving the first of July.

We can't even get one car in our two-car garage.

So if anyone needs a couch, a microwave, or a bunch of other junk, we'd love to sell it and have a little bit of cash to take on our honeymoon! Or tame some of the bills that have racked up while we're dealing with two houses until my house in Fordyce sells.

What a day that will be! I'm looking forward to that day almost as much as the wedding! At least I know when the wedding will be!

In other soon to be husband threw away the lid for the trash can for the 2nd time in about a week and a half.

This time the sanitation department got it before he could recover it.

What else?

We're gradually chipping away at all the gift cards we were given for shower presents (we were THAT blessed!). Tonight's trip to Walmart/Sams came home with an oscillating heater for the bathroom and a 10pk of Angus Steaks for $14.99 so that my sweet man could feel macho and manly again.

I guess it's something about red meat that enstills a sens of manhood.

Beats me.

But we're sooooo looking forward to the food on the cruise! All you can eat without "all you can't pay!" Totally speaking our language!

Ty's doing wonderfully, too! I'm making him a costume for Halloween. Or attempting to.

I cut out some material without a pattern for a Link costume (from The Legends of Zelda). My mom, God bless her, got me started and did me a TREMENDOUS favor by sewing on the collar and getting me started. Now I just have to finish a sleeve, the sides, a hat and figure out how to do the gloves and boots. I have some ideas....just not sure how they'll work out.

Alright....the boys are having a "Boys Night" tonight so I think I'm going to go get lost in a book for a little bit before bed!

More to come this week, I promise!!

You're gonna miss this...

My boy's growing up.

And any Mama who's half a Mama knows that this is not a pleasant thing.

He's getting all independent and inventive and...yes, a bit mouthy, too. But he's growing up.

His baby face turned into a toddler face and that toddler face turned into a "big boy" face and's official. He's a boy.

All boy.

But there are so many things about him as a little boy that I hope I always remember.

Like when he was 2 and would actually let Mama snuggle him and he so sweetly told, "Mama, you make my heart happy."

(Major melt factor!)

But as much as I hate that he's growing up, I'm loving his creative little mind and his ingenuity and even his vocabulary (wonder who he got that from?).

How he "turns his ears on" instead of listening and how he does all these little boy ninja-fight moves.

Every phase of his life has gone so quickly.

And I know it's not going to slow down.

So I'm trying to savor it, to cherish it and to remember every precious or silly little thing about him because I know that I'm really going to miss this when he's grown.

You're gonna miss this.
You're gonna want this back.
You're gonna wish these days
Hadn't gone by so fast.

These are some good times,
So take a good look around.
You may not know it now,
But you're gonna miss this.
-Trace Adkins; You're Gonna Miss This