Counting it Down

Hey there! Remember me?

I'm still here.

Counting down the days till the Big Day!

And we're officially in single digits!

And as crazy and spazzed out as I should be, life is still going on pretty much as normal.

I'm still loving my new job.

And new house.

And new town.

And new family.


So how about I just tell a little about how life's been lately, would that work?

To start with, we still don't have our garage cleaned out after moving the first of July.

We can't even get one car in our two-car garage.

So if anyone needs a couch, a microwave, or a bunch of other junk, we'd love to sell it and have a little bit of cash to take on our honeymoon! Or tame some of the bills that have racked up while we're dealing with two houses until my house in Fordyce sells.

What a day that will be! I'm looking forward to that day almost as much as the wedding! At least I know when the wedding will be!

In other soon to be husband threw away the lid for the trash can for the 2nd time in about a week and a half.

This time the sanitation department got it before he could recover it.

What else?

We're gradually chipping away at all the gift cards we were given for shower presents (we were THAT blessed!). Tonight's trip to Walmart/Sams came home with an oscillating heater for the bathroom and a 10pk of Angus Steaks for $14.99 so that my sweet man could feel macho and manly again.

I guess it's something about red meat that enstills a sens of manhood.

Beats me.

But we're sooooo looking forward to the food on the cruise! All you can eat without "all you can't pay!" Totally speaking our language!

Ty's doing wonderfully, too! I'm making him a costume for Halloween. Or attempting to.

I cut out some material without a pattern for a Link costume (from The Legends of Zelda). My mom, God bless her, got me started and did me a TREMENDOUS favor by sewing on the collar and getting me started. Now I just have to finish a sleeve, the sides, a hat and figure out how to do the gloves and boots. I have some ideas....just not sure how they'll work out.

Alright....the boys are having a "Boys Night" tonight so I think I'm going to go get lost in a book for a little bit before bed!

More to come this week, I promise!!


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