A Little Clarification

I had comments, calls and worries expressed to me through several sources regarding the last post and Facebook picture uploads.

So to set everyone's minds at ease:

#1--I got Jason's permission to blog about the stove incident.

We were laughing about it when it happened because we're both just not "there" this week when it comes to getting our mind on what we're doing.

It's almost like we're looking forward to our wedding or something. ;)

So that wasn't a big deal.  Believe me.  I run probably 80% of my online activity past him, especially if I'm not sure how he'd feel about it, simply because I don't want to seem disrespectful, ungrateful, or out of line in any way.

I understand my sense of humor isn't understood by all, so he's my safety.

Sometimes he says "No, don't post that please" sometimes he says "Sure, I don't care!" and sometimes he gives me that cute little grin that says "I'll let you because I love you, even though I'll probably wish I hadn't".

So that blog was Jason approved.

No worries.

#2--Using a dremel on my stovetop is not ruining or destroying it.

I'm glad to see there were more people worried about my sweetheart's feelings about the blog than my stovetop's current condition, but for those who expressed worries, the dremel is working fine on my stovetop.

I'm using a polishing bit to get the remains that the razor blade wouldn't scrape off.  It's softer than my kitchen scrub pad (and half my dish cloths) and I tested it on a small area before I really started using it on a big area.

So don't worry, the stove will be fine too!  I had no worries that it would be forever marred, I just wasn't initially sure how to get it back to normal.

Okay, all that said!!!  I'm tired.  I just had a gazillion messages in my inbox that I wanted to clear up!

Hope everyone has a great evening!  I'm off to enjoy the rest of mine with my boys!


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