Looking Forward

I'm sitting in my dirty house taking a moment for me.

And you.

I got up this morning and emptied out what's supposed to be a linen closet that was housing small kitchen appliances and some glassware that could be better stored elsewhere.  We're in desperate need of some additional pantry room,so I claimed this hall closet off of the kitchen for exactly that purpose.

Which lead to a complete kitchen reorganization and will end in a clean kitchen sometime this evening..

Even though I just did basically the same thing last week.

Amazing how messy a house can be in a week's time....

So it's been a long day already.

Moving, piling, organizing, cleaning, stacking....

Then Mr. Wonderful fired up the grill and made some of his wonderful grilled chicken that's only one of the gazillion reasons why I'm marrying him.

So I paused the cleaning and made some pasta salad to go with it and opted to skip a side dish of veggies since the chicken is loaded with a rainbow of bell peppers and topped with ooey gooey cheese.

And we sat outside and ate and got full and sleepy.

And since the little boy had an uh-oh in the big boy's bed last night, we all three piled into my bed for a nap.

Of course Ty, the smallest one, claimed the largest portion of the bed, which ended up with Jason and I clinging to our respective sides of the bed and hoping not to fall off.

And now we're all awake and back up and trying to get motivated.

Me so I can continue cleaning and Jason....well, I doubt he does anything until this silly football game is off, but he's grilling steaks for supper, so that's more than forgivable!

But everything I do I find myself more and more ready for our honeymoon.  Yes, for that reason, but for other reasons too!  ;)

Like not having to do laundry or dishes or cooking or any cleaning at all for five blissful days!!

Or the wonderment of not having to carry my cell phone around with me the entire time!  I am SO ready for that!

The family calls and the wedding calls are all expected and, honestly, not as numerous as one would thing, but I get some truly random calls from some truly random places (thanks to Pizza Hut selling my phone number) and so I look forward to not having to, again, say "Please remove me from your calling list".  Even though my cell number is registered on the National Do Not Call Registry.

I feel like I've become a slave to my cell phone and my inbox and so it just seems so nice and peaceful and wonderful to break free of those chains for a few days!

Until then....housework calls!


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