Chasing Rabbits

After four years as a single mom, my time on my own made me want and expect certain things in a guy.

Kindness being among the top of them.

Kindness in how he treated me and kindness for how he treated my child.  Which is why I never really had a "waiting period" before I let a guy meet Ty.  It was more or less part of the screening process in seeing which direction a guy would go from the "Potential List".

When Jason and I started talking the first time, in January of 2009, I spoke freely of Ty in our conversations and no hindrances were put up on his part.  When March rolled around and things were no more between us, it wasn't anything to do with Ty or conflicts between us or whatnot.  It wasn't the right thing at the right time.

Simple enough.

Sometimes life works that way.

No one ever really has a perfect love story.  But I love ours nonetheless.

In July, when we picked back up in talking to each other, we were both reserved...not sure where this was going or even where we wanted it to go.

But the Butterflies were there.

My goodness were the Butterflies there!

And they brought along their friends Giddiness, Excitement, and Guarded Reservation.

And I spent an equal amount of time with all four.

Every time my phone went off with a text message Butterflies, Giddiness and Excitement rushed over to see what he was saying while Guarded Reservation stood nearby with his hand on Ty's shoulder.

Jason was so perfectly what I needed in every way that the only thing holding me back was how he would connect with Ty.  On one hand, I wanted to introduce him to Ty, see how he'd do and write him off from there....because I just knew that it would be my luck that--though he seemed like the guy who would really try--I just didn't expect them to click.  Such was my luck and I was preparing myself for the disappointment that I'd come to expect over the previous few years.

Nothing could be truly perfect, right?

Except when everything is right.  It's really, really right.

And though I waited several months before we planned a day together, the three of us.  When the time came there was that introductory moment where Ty's unsure and shy and trying to hide behind me, but Jason drew him out and the little boy in him came out to play with the little boy of mine.

And it was sealed from there.

There was no turning back for me.

We spent the day together playing mini-golf and riding go-carts and going up on the mountain and we had such a wonderful time together.  And it was exactly what I needed and more.

So much more.

Because the very next day we were faced with our first trial.  And a big one.

Though, thankfully, one that was by no fault of our own.  Thankfully the guilty party was one that played no role in our relationship at all.  

And we overcame it.  We came out of it with a new understanding of where we were going in our relationship and the level of commitment we were each bringing into it. 

Each and every step along the way has been just like that.

Every obstacle has been a step up to a bigger and better level in our relationship.

The few hard moments we've had have been instances that have refined us, that have made us better, and that prepare us for the next difficulties we'll face together.


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