In the beginning....

In the beginning there was one.


And I was blissfully ignorant in the common stupidity of youth.

And then, surprise!!  There was two!

Me and Ty.

And Mama had to grow up.

At least a little.

Cause what's the fun of having a kid if you can't still occasionally act like one, too?

Days came and went and it was only ever us two.

And we had fun and we did just fine on our own.

Except Mama would get lonely sometimes.

And disappointed.

Because the only guys she ever met or talked to weren't the kinds of guys that she could see herself happy with.

Much less sharing her life and her son with.

So more time went by.

And by....

And by....

And by....

And she started to think that pigs would fly before she ever met a man she could share her heart and soul and life with.

Not to mention her son.

To pass all her spare time that she gained by not having a social life, she spent her evenings with her family or her boy or wasting her life away on the Internet.

Which she has now fully and completely discovered thanks to StumbleUpon, but that's another story for another time.

While "stumbling", one night she came across a pretty, sparkly and shiny webpage and, like a raccoon, she was drawn in.  She started clicking through pages until she was brought to this one page at this one moment and this one thought clicked into her mind, as if it were all meant to be.

"I'm wearing that ring down the aisle on my wedding day, because when I find a man worth marrying pigs will have flown!"

Thus my love for Fern began.

A year or two later this blog began.

I toyed with different title ideas.  I'd gone through various phases on my private blog and MySpace blog.  I went from being Lost In Thought to a Small Town Celebrity and feeling Once Bitten, Twice Shy.  But it was time to move on from my jaded and bitter phases.  It was time to be more optimistic and hopeful.

Cause even if pigs never flew, I could still have a Happily Ever Now, right?

So I took the idea of the adorable pig ring and the thought of pigs flying and decided that I'd have my Fairy Tale, whether it met Disney's standards or not.

And it didn't.

Cause I prefer to break the mold.

Like I said, there's no fun in perfection.

It's when things get messy and silly that you really start to have the best fun.

So I chose what some people call "fantasy".  The idea that great and wonderful things can happen in spite of horrendous odds and the good guy gets what they well as the bad guys.

I chose to believe in Happily Ever After.

I chose to be a little girl again and believe in Fairy Tales.

And thus began my journey to from the tower that imprisoned me to the arms of my handsome and wonderful Knight in Shining Armor.

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