Tyisms | Jesus Loves Us

Ty just preached the perfect little sermon to me about how Jesus loves us SO much, and that he loves everyone no matter how bad they are and that Jesus wants everyone to know how much He loves us all so we have to go tell everyone.


Quoticisms | Mama

Mama [mah-muh]
1. the most over-used word in the English language.
2. the first word in every sentence spoken by children ages 2-17.

-Ashley B. Harris

Tyisms | Chopped Suey

Ty (from in the bathtub): I love you Daddy!
(who didn't hear him because he's playing a video game)
Me:  What am I, chopped suey?!
Ty:  Uhhhh....maybe.
Ty:  I love you, too, Mama.

Tyisms | I'll Tell Daddy

Ty, on making Christmas Cookies:  "Mama, you just tell me what all we need and I'll tell Daddy to get out of the kitchen."

My Baby Daddy

Lots has been going on these days.

Christmas decorations and preparations.  Parties and get-togethers.

The unfortunate passing of a family member.

The anniversary of another loved one's passing.

Life has been busy and happy and sad all at once.

But today, while we can, let's focus on the happy.

Today, while there's time, let's talk about the joyful.

Because this week, for the first time ever (legally, at least), my son has a daddy.

It's been a work in progress for many months that we started discussing when we started discussing "Someday".

And when we got engaged and "Someday" began to look like "Someday soon", we put the wheels in motion, getting biological paternal rights signed away this summer so that there would be no obstacles for the adoption.

Thankfully I still consider that person somewhat of a friend, so he did the only thing I've asked of him in the 6 years since I found out I was pregnant with Ty.

And after that, all we had to do was get married!

And that's one of the first things my wonderful husband wanted to do after we got home.

We hadn't even made it back from our honeymoon when he brought up the adoption and let me know that he wanted to start it and hopefully have it finalized by Christmas.

And many thanks to our attorney, Paul Lindsey, who was able to do just that!

Because on Wednesday, it was final!  The man that Ty's been calling Daddy for six months now is finally, legally, and completely my little boy's Daddy.

Merry Christmas to you all!  We've already been given the best present we could ask for!

Tyisms | Hundred Dollar Bill

We were talking about loose teeth on the way to school today and Ty asks me to inform the Tooth Fairy that he wants a hundred-dollar bill next time.

Quoticisms | Athiests

Love Shannon Curry-Davis's letter to the editor on Atheists and Christmas!

"Atheists aren't enemies of the church.  Atheists are the reason the churches are built.  Who knew about Jesus Christ before someone told them?

Quoticisms | Without a Brain

"How can you talk if you haven't got a brain?"
"I don't know, but some people without brains do an awful lot of talking, don't they?"

-The Wizard of Oz