Off with his head!

The male species is something entirely else...

I got some new makeup as a treat for myself for my birthday and was in the bathroom playing around with it when Ty came in and pretended to beat me up.

Of course I cry out and yell from help from my Prince Charming, who comes running in, Nerf Sword in hand and wrests the villain onto the ground at sword point at my feet and demands an apology.

To add to it, I put my foot out and insist he kiss my foot too, to which Ty my tormentor resistantly does. Jason again insists on an apology and my tormentor shouts out "NEVER".

Of course I was left with no other option but to demand "OFF WITH HIS HEAD".

Two minutes later the boys are Nerf Sword Fighting in the living room shouting "Off with his pecker!"

How could I NOT love them?


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