I Love My Library

Having a nice library is one of those things that I'll never again take for granted.

Coming from a small town, our library selection left a lot to be desired...and the service often left even more to be desired.

When I called in to that library to inquire about getting a library card the lady I spoke to all but verbally spat at me as if I was a low-life that was going to come in and steal the (mostly outdated) books from them in an effort to further reduce literacy in that county.

And when it came to actually getting a library card?

Well, let's just say it stopped just short of fingerprints, a blood sample and an act of Congress to get it.  It was kinda unnecessary.

But whatever.  I submitted all the information--references included--and waited out the two week waiting period for my slip of approval to arrive in the mail.

And it finally did and I went down to the library so that I could load up on all of the wonderful books that I had in my heart to read.

And they had like three that I was interested in.

And those weren't even new books.  They were just old books by an old favorite author that I hadn't yet read.

So that was disappointing.

Which is why, when we moved to Hot Springs, one of the first things I wanted to do was check out the local library.

And so began my love affair with the Garland County Library.

And so here, below, are 10 of the many things that I love about our Garland County Library!

1.  I was given a library card on the same day I requested it after simply providing my driver's license for address and identification and signing my name on the little signature card.

2.  I can have up to 30 things checked out at a time.

3.  I can renew and reserve books online from anywhere at anytime.

4.  GCL actually has a section for "New Books" that are ACTUALLY NEW BOOKS--not just "new to the library but with a 1990s (or earlier) copyright date".

5.  I can also check out DVDs, audio books, computer software, video games, and I'm not 100% sure, but I think that digital books are available or soon to be available, too.  Oh and I can check out FISHING RODS too!  How cool is that!

6.  If I'm hanging out in the library, I can either read, surf the net on one of the stationary computers or I can check out a library laptop to use inside the library.

7.  Two words.  Coffee machine.  :) :)

8.  The staff are incredible AND incredibly nice!

9.  They actually get people community involved.  From nightly activities for the kiddos, including arts and crafts, bedtime stories, and even a night where everyone can bring (or check out) a Nintendo DS and link up and play with old or new friends.

But my favorite thing about Garland County Library....

10.  I like that they understand that someone who's coming into a library is probably there because they enjoy reading, so there was no criminal background check necessary and no one treats you like you're trying to steal something.  It was kinda like "Want a book?  Go pick out a book, take the book, enjoy the book, and I'll see you in three weeks when you're done!"  They're pretty nice like that.


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