You get what you look for

I am a Christian.

I do my best so that my life, my attitude, my words, and my actions exemplify that.

Unfortunately, I am also human.

I am sometimes tempted, weak and careless.

Thankfully, I am forgiven.

By God's mercy alone, I am forgiven.

And it's my job as a Christian to share His Love and His Word and His Mercy with others.

It's the duty of every Christian.

And yet it irks me the way some Christians handle their duty.

And I know that, as one body of Christ, we should stand united but it irks me that the different types of Christians undermine each other in the way that they present Christ.  (Yes, I know that this is not a one-sided issue, too, but the case for the other side of this argument is already very frequently presented)

I'm not a forceful Christian.  I try to put The Word out there in a way that I, myself, would be receptive to it.  Mostly through an example (which I recognize, sometimes I fall short of the example I should set), but also through sharing of both my experiences and The Word.

You will never catch me yelling at someone telling them that they're going to hell and that they should turn from their wicked ways.

Why?  Because we all have wicked ways that we must turn from.  Even the Saved.

Judge not, lest ye be judged.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

I just don't think it's a good idea to open yourself up to having all of that tossed back in your face.  I know I'm a sinner.  I know that I fail from time to time.

Why present myself in a light of moral superiority when that soapbox is so easily and so frequently kicked out from under those who stand up on it?

Sure I may not have committed the same sins that others have committed, but I have sinned, have I not?  And there is nowhere in my Bible that says that stealing is a worse sin than lying or that a judging heart is less of a sin than promiscuity.

My Bible says that a sin is a sin is a sin.

One is no less forgiven by God than the other.

So you'll not catch me singling out the 'whores' or the 'thieves' or the 'murderers' for their sinful ways when the 'righteous' are just as prone to sin as the 'unrighteous'.

Another thing?  There's good and bad in everything.  Especially in mainstream America.  The music, the movies, the television shows.  There's honestly good and bad in everything.  If you look hard enough, you can find some parallel of a Godly, Christian message in so much of the media out there.  And likewise, you can find disgusting and amoral standards in so much of the media out there.

I really think that you find what you're looking for.

And sure, there's good with the bad in most of it (kinda like real life).  Take Glee, for example.  Glee had a wonderful episode a few weeks back on sexuality.  It had a heartwarming and praiseworthy discussion about sex between a father and a son and it really got down to some things that I hope to be able to say it to my children someday because it pointed out some things that just really clicked with me because I never really realized how physical intimacy could affect you, until I looked back one day and saw how it had hurt how I felt about myself and others.

"It means something. It's doing something to your heart to your self esteem even though it feels like you're just having fun... Use it as away to connect to another person. Don't throw yourself around like you don't matter. Because you matter."

How I wish I’d known that before I even had my first kiss.

But in that same episode that had such good food for the soul (for me at least), Gwyneth Paltrow’s character played the devil’s advocate and called some of the girls from an abstinence group naive and frigid which honestly made me cringe to hear because at that age, I was very much that type of girl, no matter how life turned out for me.

Instead of viewing this as a reason to boycott a show that otherwise does have some very good messages in it, I prefer to think of it as a bit of reality.

Some people really feel that way.  I can’t boycott society simply because I disagree with some of the beliefs or ideas out there.  But I can take the fact that some people out there feel that way and I can learn how to educate them (and myself) so that I can be a better witness to them.

Because people don’t often think or feel a certain way for no reason at all; actually they can often tell you exactly who or what made them feel or believe the way they do.

The point is, if you’re looking for reasons to be disgusted with songs or shows or movies or others…you’re going to find it, and you’re going to blog about it and preach about it and rally against it.

And everyone out there that’s looking for any reason to be disgusted with Christians are going to find it, too.  And they’re going to blog about us and rally against us, too.

So while I commend those Christians who take a valiant stand on what we believe and while I appreciate that they're more vocal and more "out there" with our beliefs than I tend to be...sometimes I just wish they'd take a step back and listen to themselves and watch themselves and examine themselves.

How can we portray a humble God of love and forgiveness when all we show others are hate, judgment, superiority & condemnation?

Tyisms | Ninja

Ty's painting a picture for his Nana and Papaw.  I asked him what he was painting and he said, "This is me, and I'm going to be dressed up like a ninja.  Cause when I grow up I'm going to be a ninja."

Tyisms | Fair

Mario Kart Wii for family night tonight.

Jason said (to the game), "It's not fair!"

Ty told him, "It's not supposed to be fair!"

Love it!!

And he's off!!!

While I was fuming up our yard with spray paint fumes this afternoon, Jason let Ty talk him into taking him to the park to ride his bike.

Well, practice learning to ride his bike.

Because we've not gone to the park to teach him to ride his bike near as regularly as we have meant to.

But Ty called me excitedly this afternoon on his way back to tell me that he could ride his bike without his training wheels!

And his Daddy couldn't have been a prouder Papa.

Because just a minute before Ty finally put it all together, he was telling Jason he wanted to go home.

And Jason encouraged him, telling him that he couldn't give up because here pretty soon everything would just click and he'd know how to do it on his own!

And the very next time, he did!

And Daddy, sweet as he is, knew I would hate that I missed it, so he got some videos for me to enjoy.

And to share with the rest of you, too!

Weekend Warriors

Jason and I have worked our butts OFF this weekend!

And we've gotten tons done and tons planted!

Last weekend we grabbed a few bags of mulch from Walmart and dug up the old mulch and grass from the flower beds out front.  Put some fabric weed blocker down and then remulched those beds.

We had such a blast spending time outside together that we thought we'd just outdo ourselves this weekend.

Starting with a $3 sample of paint from Lowes to repaint the front door.

The previous color was a peach color.  It matched the brick but certainly did not pop.

But by golly it pops now!

I decided to paint some cement pots the same color to match the door.  Since I thought I had enough color in that area I just put some green plants in those pots (which will eventually grow bigger, I promise!)

Today I ended up adding the other plants which only cost me for the plants in the left pot.

I already had the pot, the holder, and the plant on the right.  I just gave them all a facelift via spray paint I already had in the garage.

This was actually a plant I was going to get rid of just a few days ago.  This morning I decided I'd chop about 3 feet of height off of it and see if I liked it any better.  Then when I decided to put it on the front porch I spray painted the scuffed up pot, topped it with leftover mulch and voila!

After the door and pots, we did what Jason has been aching to do since we first bought this house, we planted a tree!

On my lunch break one day this week I ran to Lowes and to a local Nursery and scouted out the trees and narrowed it down to 5 types of Maple trees, a weeping willow and a weeping cherry.

In the end, this little beauty came home with us.

But not before everyone in Lowes had to stop and admire her and find out what kind of tree she was.

Here's what she'll look like when she's grown.

Did I mention that the lot our house was built on is built up on a lot of rock and rocky fill?

So digging a hole for that tree was quite strenuous.

As well as the 10 holes for the little $2 azaleas we got to line the side of the garage and the 4 little gardenia bushes out back.

Thankfully those holes didn't need to be nearly as big.

After all the planting was done I decided that my little Walmart table set that I got two years ago was in sad shape.  Especially compared to the beautiful faux-wood finish metal table that Lowes had.

But a couple cans of Rustoleum Black Hammered spraypaint later and the faded, sad looking table jumped back to life!

So how's that for a productive weekend!

Guess I'll have to suck it up later and actually come inside to do some laundry!

Quoticisms | Genius

"Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it's stupid."

-Albert Einstein

Tyisms | Builder

Ty told me he's changed his mind, instead of being a firefighter, he's going to be a builder and build houses for people who don't have one.