Making Choices

I love reading.

And music.

But I really love reading.

Which I've been doing a lot of lately, thanks to the fact that we have a fantastic library here.

So that's why last night, before bed, I was reading one of my latest books I checked out.

Fablehaven: Keys to the Demon Prison (Book Five) by Brandon Mull

Which--so far--is a fantastic book.  Just like the previous four.

It's a juvenile fiction book about a brother and sister who go to visit their grandparents for a few weeks and discover they live on a magical preserve where fairy tales and fantasy creatures really exist.

So, back to last night.  I was reading  on this book and came across a paragraph that I had to save because it's just one of those things that struck me because it's so wholly true and applicable in every part of our life.

"Making mistakes is part of learning to choose well.  No way around it.  Choices are thrust upon us, and we don't always get things right.  Even postponing or avoiding a decision can become a choice that carries heavy consequences.  Mistakes can be painful--sometimes they cause irrevocable harm--but welcome to Earth.  Poor choices are part of growing up, and part of life.  You will make bad choices, and you will be affected by the poor choices of others.  We must rise above such things."
This is one of those "wow" things to me.

In this part of the book, the young boy is grieving because he made a decision that he thought was good.  He showed mercy on one of the creatures on the preserve that he'd grown to trust and that creature took his act of kindness and used it to betray the boy and destroy and endanger everyone that he loves...possibly the world.

In the final moments of a friend, whose life is taken as a result of the above action, that friend shared those words with the boy.

"You will make bad choices, and you will be affected by the poor choices of others.  We must rise above such things."


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