In my absence from the Blogosphere, I've also been noticeably absent in the world of my private diary site, too.

Sometime during that absence my subscription lapsed and my security levels reverted back to normal which had me recategorizing who would be able to read what entries because who knows what I've written in the last year or so that should probably be marked as Private now!

This isn't really a big thing because you have to be approved by me and added to a list in order to be able to read anything at all that I write there.

And that short list of the approved readers is divided into three even shorter lists.  Which got me thinking about these people and what they mean to me.

First there are:

The Friends

people that I enjoy reading and keeping up with and that I trust, but I'm not super close to.  I'd tell them most things, but not all things.  Obviously they get to read more details than what gets to be posted in the Public World over here, but some things are off limits because I don't yet feel "safe" with these readers.

The Faves

closer than friends, you can tell them more of what you think or feel without having to worry that they will take it wrong.  They know me well enough to know my intentions if I write something that could be interpreted different ways.

And then there are la creme de la creme.

The Super Faves

If I think it and it's worth sharing with anyone in the world, it gets shared with these people.  They know the best of me, the worst of me and all the in-between, too.  They're my go-tos with just about anything.  Everyone on this list is someone I've either met in real life or have texted, IM'd, talked on the phone with or have even met in real life.  Two of them were even invited to (and attended) my wedding, with one serving as a bridesmaid.

Some of these people have been around for almost as long as my Ty-boy has.  They've watched him grow and they've watched me and supported me through my struggles and my tears and my hopes and my joys.  They're the ones that you can go months without reading or posting or texting or calling...and yet when we talk or write or read, it's like we can pick right back up automatically.

These are my people.

And while that site sometimes drives me NUTS (seriously, some people use their diaries as a place to say everything that really shouldn't be said or to write daily about whatever obsessions they have....typically of the drama-type) these people are why I keep going back.

And they're why I'll keep coming back here.

Because when I need them, the only people that will be there quicker for me are my real-life flesh and blood.


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