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i love my hol famleu and my franz!

(typed by Ty)

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When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, "I used everything you gave me."

-Erma Bombeck

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(Ty's always giving play-by-plays of everything he's doing when playing video games, it's like hearing what his Facebook wall would say if he had one.)


Yellow makes me think of ribbons.

Like this.

And it makes me think of buttons that I wore as a child.

During Operation Desert Storm.

It makes me think of men like my uncle R.J. who served with the Marines.  And had a difficult time adjusting to life back home afterwards.

Like so many other men do.

It also makes me think of my cousin David, who I didn't get to see before he left again.

Yellow is the color we displayed through our town when our men went off to war.

And again, the color that we bore when Alan Hornaday and Cody Culp made their first trips home after serving time both overseas and in San Antonio's Brooke Army Medical Center.

It also makes me think of the Purple Hearts that both of these men were given for their time, their heart, and their service to our country.

But this color also makes me think of yellow roses on a crisp white casket being lowered into the earth at Arlington National Cemetery...and of the ribbon worn by the mother whose child will never come home.

Yellow makes me think of sacrifices.

The big ones and the worst ones.

And yellow makes me thankful to all the men or women of any color, creed, faith or orientation that have made my life and all the blessings in it possible.


Orange is my Daddy.

Because when I was little, orange was his favorite color and my favorite color.

Orange makes me think of the fishing lures we painted and tied together and the bobbers he'd put on my line when we fished with them.

Orange makes me think of the orange sodas he'd let me get out of the pop room of the old hospital he worked at.

Orange makes me think of the Christmas lights he'd put up on our home each year.

And the fresh carrots he'd let us pull up out of his garden and eat.

Orange also makes me think of that rabbit that bit me....and my Daddy's anger over it hurting his little girl.

Orange makes me think of the hunting vest I wore the time that he took me hunting and patiently listened to me talk, sing and cheer the entire time.

Orange makes me think of Tang and how he loved a big thermos of tang to keep him cool when he was working outside.

Orange makes me think of the halter he used to have on his buckskin horse when we rode together out on "the land"...and the time we got lost and came out on the highway well past the Country Club.

Orange makes me think of my Daddy.

And all the wonderful memories I'm thankful to have of him and with him.