The Rest of the Story {Staycation | Day Three Part Deux }

What an adventure we had today!!

We at lunch with Jason (aka Daddy) at Sams Club (hey, we're a young family on a budget AND they have some pretty good pizza!).

Afterwards we walked around and looked at all the grills and ice chests and iPads that we would buy if we weren't a young family on a budget.  No wonder they call our older years the Glory Days.  Or I will at least, "Glory Hallelujah!  We're not broke!"

Ahhh, happy thoughts.

But in the meantime, we're having fun on the cheap.  We spent all of $9 on lunch, $3.74 on a treat for Ty and a total of $8.50 at Magic Springs for some nasty ice-tea and a locker rental.

That's the only expense we've incurred all week on our three-day adventure of Staycation.

Back to Sams.  We ate, we wandered and we daydreamed.  And then Jason had to go back to work and Ty and I had to go catch crawdads, but not before I got scolded and fussed at for *gasp* bringing a library book into Sams with me to enjoy over lunch.  The old geezer kept wanting a receipt for the book and I kept showing him the bold red "Garland County Library" stamped on the binding.

Punk wouldn't draw a smiley face on my kid's hand either.  Talk about ticking a Mama off, not only is he lecturing me in front of my kid for something I didn't do wrong, he shoves the marker at me and refuses to draw a smiley face on my kiddo's hand.

Gramps better be careful.  Kids these days don't know nothing 'bout 'specting their elders.

Okay.  Snapping out of the street-talk, now.  Although I'm sure I could pull it off.

{sticks tongue out at you who don't believe me}

Anyway.  I'm so exhausted I'm delirious, bear with me.

After Sams was Entergy Park where I had planned to sit on a rock and read a book while the kiddo caught crawfish.  But it's never as fun as getting your feet wet and getting in the middle of it.  So we double-teamed the crawfish.  Which is what it took because they are FAST!  They remind me of when I was learning to drive my little blue S10 and I stalled out everytime I tried to go into 1st gear, but never when I was in reverse, so I'd back up all over the place.  They reminded me of that because they swim backwards, which I don't guess I ever realized until today.

Anyway, so Ty was about to give up when I took over the net from him.  Three crawfish later he's telling me, "Mama, you're GOOD at this!"

You can't be raised by my Daddy and not be...well....nevermind.  I forgot there's one of us who's allergic to getting dirty.  :P

So we gathered 3 crawfish and four snails and were on our way to another small pool of water where I expected more crawfish to be...and found a snake instead.

So we decided we were done there after Mr. Snake crashed the party.

Off to the Library from there to return some books and check out a few more.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love our library?

And from there it was off to Magic Springs...but first...let's stop at the "Rocks-R-Gems" shop and check out their "crystals".  We couldn't leave until we had a "crystal" and a baggie of polished rocks to go with us.

And then we were off to Magic Springs to splash in the Wave Pool, float the Lazy River, get flushed down The Bowls and survive the Arkansas Twister.  But not before our "water resistant" SPF 30 sunscreen washed off within the first 2 minutes of being in the water.  Oh, and we got to witness two separate and blatant incidents of guests stealing from the park and the teenage staff members not really caring and also not really being someone who needed to step up and stop it.  However, adult staff-members seemed to be on the endangered species list at that point in the day.

But anyway, our sunscreen issue cut our first trip short because we had to run back by Walmart and swap out the sorry sunscreen for some SPF 50 Sport sunscreen that actually lived up to "water resistant".  We also dropped by the house, ate some supper and brought Jason back with us for more rides and water-fun since he finally decided to come home from work and enjoy some time with us.  (Kidding, I seriously wish he could have been off this week to enjoy it with us!)

Just when we thought we'd escaped one trip to Magic Springs without the kiddo suffering an injury, the last ride of the night down the tubes he somehow fell out of his tube right at the bottom.  Knotted up his head and busted his lip.  Poor kid, it's a wonder he keeps wanting to go back!

But now we're home and I'm exhausted and possibly a smidge dehydrated and my book is calling my name.

Stay tuned...tomorrow's another promising day!


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