Staycation | Days 2 & 3

Ahhh, one of my favorite things about my boy is how he'll sit quietly in his room or the living room and play with his toys or quietly watch a video or play some of his games while I sleep in.  It's positively wonderful.

{{happy rested sigh}}

Anyway, on to Staycation, Day 2.

If you asked Ty what all we did yesterday, he'd say "Nothing."

And then he'd look at me and see me giving him a "You did more than that look" and he'd say, "We went shopping."

And then he'd look back at me and then add "And painted".

And he'd check my face again and say "And played the Wii"

And he'd look back at me with a look like, "That's all I can remember!!"

So I'd prompt him and remind him about what we learned about on the computer that morning, and he'd say "Presidents!  All Forty-four presidents!"  (He's good, I know.)

And then I'd remind him about his curiosity-induced lesson on September Eleventh (which, thankfully, he didn't fully comprehend).

And then I'd remind him about the State Capitol Buildings.  Of which, the Old Louisiana Capitol is our favorite.  And he'd add, "It looks like a palace!!"

So even though he thinks the day was wasted on shopping...I still think it rocked.

And he just popped over my shoulder to remind me that today, Stacation Day 3, is Crawdads and Magic Springs.

Meaning that we're headed to Entergy Park this morning to catch crawdads (fun, right?) and then afterwards we're heading across town to spend the afternoon at Magic Springs.  Somewhere before or after Magic Springs we've got to drop by the library.  Hopefully after I finish my last book that's due back today.  I've got 8 books to return and one on hold to pick up and the boy wants to get some books, videos and probably games (likely none of which he'll actually read, watch or play...but I let him anyway)

Anyway.  So today our adventures are in the great outdoors.  Under the heavy and hot July sun.

Which is why we should probably get the party started before the sun gets too high in the sky.

Until next time...


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