Any Way You Want It | Journey Part 4

I wish I memorized the set list.

That's the kind of detail I typically go into and that's the kind of detail I'd like to be able to go into.

I do know that they opened with Separate Ways (Worlds Apart).

From the moment that Arnel Pineda opened his mouth I was astonished by how much he sounds like Steve Perry.  His energy and excitement made the performance all the more fun and enjoyable.  And knowing how he came to be in the band endeared me to him because it would be such a dream-come-true for anyone!

{ Lights | Journey -- September 14, 2011 }

I've always loved Journey's use of instruments, especially Jonathan Cain's (keyboards) intro into Open Arms.

About half-way through the set list when they still hadn't performed Don't Stop Believing I decided that it would be their Encore.  What a perfect encore it would be, too, because I'm pretty certain that it's my husband's very favorite Journey song.  And the only song he's ever sang in public (though I'll let him tell you about that Karaoke adventure himself).

Thought I realized it would be the encore, I didn't realize the moment it would be for me when they started playing it.

The band had left the stage and the lights instantly started fanning around the stage and crowd sporadically.  The crowd started cheering and parts of it even faded into chanting for a moment or two.

The cheers built and some of the bandmates trickled back out onto the stage bringing a roar through the whole arena.

And then the moment happened.

I have no way to explain it, really.  It was just one of those moments when a feeling or emotion starts in your toes and explodes up through your body and out your ears.

Like the cartoon characters when they eat something too hot and the steam blows out their ears to the sound of an old fashioned "aoooga" horn.

This surge of excitement roared through me like that.  Except without the sound effects.

Because no other sound was worth listening to at that moment.


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