Encore | Journey Part 5 (Final)

After the concert, Jason and I had a rather animated (and loud) conversation about how great the band was and about how we'd have to pay attention not to yell at work the next day because our ears were ringing so badly!

We got back to the car and headed out of Memphis and back towards Hot Springs.

The first half of the trip wasn't so bad...it was right around the half-way mark that Jason lost consciousness and my eyes switched over to squinty-mode.  Fortunately, Jason's not a quiet sleeper so he helped me in my fight against the sleepies.

One absolutely horrible cappuccino, some white cheddar popcorn, a bottle of water, and three bags of sunflower seeds later we made it home.

We drug ourselves inside, changed our clothes, emptied our bladders and lost consciousness for the next four hours.

It was a heck of a drive home, but it was worth every second of it.

a    w o r d    o f    t h a n k s

Our whole adventure was made possible, thanks to my parents, who actually bought Jason the tickets to see Journey for his birthday.  Though the surprise was initiated and orchestrated by me, obviously without the tickets, it wouldn't have been anything but a dream.  Thank you both--from Jason and I--for the experience and the opportunity to see Journey!  I knew it would be a great experience for him, but I think I enjoyed it just as much!

Another thanks to my sister and brother-in-law who bought our supper at Hard Rock Cafe for a birthday present for Jason as well!  I had the biggest, greasiest burger and some amazing onion rings and I loved every bite of it!  Obviously Jason could say the same for his pepper-loaded burger, too!  He cleared his plate before I was 2/3 done with mine!

And thank you to the coworkers at both Jason's bank and my office!  His manager, Linda, helped me start planning this before Jason even started his first day at that bank!  My coworkers endured my giddiness and my excitement over it for four months and put up with me both the day of the concert and the day after, which I'm certain was no small feat!


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