Open Arms | Journey Part Two

Giddy is probably not the right word to explain my husband when he's excited about something, especially considering he even has his own little happy/giddy dance that he does. 

But being a man, you know how their image has to be maintained.  So Jason attempted to be the image of composure and cool, collected excitement.

This is what he was going for when he told me that this whole surprise made me a good enough wife, he'd renew me for another year next month at our anniversary.

He's sweet like that.  ;)

But when we made it to Memphis, his facade slipped a bit.  As we got out of the car and he stood up, I caught a glimpse of what I know (from frequent experience) to be his Happy/Giddy Dance.

We made our way out of the parking deck and down to Beale Street where we window shopped and wound up at Hard Rock Cafe for supper.

Afterwards we meandered back down Beale Street and then headed to the FedEx Forum where the concert would be.

After getting into the venue, we had a brief issue with security as to whether or not I could use my Canon Rebel. 

Future reference for all security personnell at that venue:

While they might could be considered small and/or difficult to notice, there are just a few difference between the professional grade camera on the left and my sweet little Rebel on the right which I would consider an amateur or hobbyist type of camera.

They are by no means one-in-the-same.

If you could take the same picture out of each of these cameras I'm sure you could see immediately that there is a difference.

But that's a rabbit to chase another time.

In the end I got to take my non-professional camera into the arena and sit down to kick off my foot-eating-shoes and get ready for the show.


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