When The Lights Go Down in the City | Journey Part 3

I gotta admit I was pretty nervous when the lights went down. 

We drove all the way from Hot Springs to Memphis and what if they weren't everything we (and especially he) would hope they would be?  A good night could quickly turn bad if the main purpose of the trip was a disappointing fail.  Not to mention the three hour drive home in the middle of the night.

Night Ranger didn't do anything to soothe my fears.

Of their entire set, I recognized two songs.  One was a cover for another band that one of the band members had previously been in.

When they left the stage, Foreigner came on and my fears were reduced. 

They were great!

I knew more songs than I didn't know and we found entertainment in watching those around us (I have a suspicion that the two of us, the nine-year-old girl in front of us, and another woman my age with a cute little baby bump were the only sober ones in our section).

For a band that, initially, I wasn't sure if I'd heard of or not (you can't shoot me over that statement, men are expected to know 70s-80s bands, not women!) they did a great job and put on a performance that was a lot more entertaining (to myself at least, since I grade bands on how many songs of theirs that I know and how much fun they have on the stage) than the previous act.

But soon enough, it was time.

Foreigner left the stage...and then quickly returned for an encore...and then left again.

The lights came up, the stage crew came out and it was closing in on time for Journey to begin.


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