On Fire!

Okay...so this is a week overdue since I kinda promised it last weekend....

My bad!

But to be honest, I've not been on the computer that much!

Who needs to when you can check everything from across the room on the couch right on your very own lovely little Kindle Fire.

Have I mentioned I am in love?

And I've only explored the free apps and free books and free software for this thing because do you know how much I might spend when I'll eventually wander into the realm of the paid stuff?  I'm going to have to start squirreling away Amazon gift cards to feed my addiction!

Okay, so let's start at the top.

Concerns that I had going into this thing:

  1. For a Techie like me 8GB is kinda a laughing matter....I dream my dream DVR Receiver has a 1TB HD on it.  I stopped using 8GB flash drives 2 years ago and moved to a 250GB external hard drive because 8GB was just too insubstantial.  So this whole 8GB of storage space was a pretty big concern for me.
  2. It's WiFi only.  Which is like putting me on life support only if I stay close enough to the machine.  But who likes to be that limited?
  3. Will I really use it that much?  I mean, $199 is a GREAT price for an e-reader slash tablet computer, but it's just wasted money if you don't use it.
  4. Will it be fast enough for me?  The display at BestBuy was painfully slow and I made excuses for it that it was because their WiFi network had so many devices leeching off of it, but it was a concern because I just can't stand lag time.  I have my cell phone set to reboot itself every night at 2AM just to avoid pauses or delays on it.
  5. And the heart of the matter...I like a paper book.  I love books.  What will reading a whole book be like on a screen instead of paper?
Okay, so let's take them from the top.  

#1--8GB of storage space
Doesn't seem to be a problem and I'm not really anticipating it either.  I keep pictures on my computer and backed up on my external HD.  I put music on my cell phone's removable micro SD card and bluetooth it to my stereo in my car.  So really, I'll be using this for reading, checking Facebook, maybe playing a few games and Ty and Jason have enjoyed watching some Amazon Prime videos on it like some old school Legends of Zelda.  

The books and applications take up minimal space so I'm figuring that if I remove the books when I'm done with them (or move them to my computer for later use) then I don't see it becoming an issue later.  I'm kind of a nerd about organizing and archiving unused files, anyway, so this just fits right into my typical behavior.

Plus I'll have access to store files on Amazon's Cloud storage.  I haven't explored that just yet though so I really can't tell you more about it other than I understand I can store books, music, files, etc. on there and access it from anywhere that I have a WiFi connection.

#2--It's WiFi only
Again...so far, not an issue.  When I'm away from the house, I'm typically just using it to read my book anyway.  When I'm sitting at home is typically when I have time to browse and do more with it.  Plus, there are quite a few WiFi hot-spots, if I just absolutely had to have WiFi during the workday I could run up the road to SamsClub on my lunch break.  

But since I have a data plan on my Blackberry, I'm not expecting this to be much of an issue because I can check Facebook on it just as easily as I can on the Kindle Fire (though I like the Kindle Fire's Facebook App infinitely better!)

The only drawback I've found yet is that the WiFi range on it is not what I hoped, but I can work around that.  Our wireless router is at the opposite end of the house from our bedroom and bathroom and there are quite a few walls in-between.  In the bedroom, it's still fine but if nature calls and I take her to the loo with me, a wireless connection is weak and sometimes it won't connect.  I've been contemplating moving the router to a more central area anyway because I no longer have a way to hide the router and modem in that room anyway, so it'll be a non-issue in the end.

#3--Will I really use it that much?
Yes, yes, a hundred times yes!  It's just so convenient!  I downloaded the Holman Christian Bible, quite a few books (there are websites where you can get some (not all) books for free, Amazon has quite a few free books, plus my library is a member of Overdrive.com where I can "check out" ebooks and audio books, too!  I've blazed through two books in a week where the previous books in this series took me a week and some change just to read one.  

And it's pretty convenient for entertaining my boys, too.  If we get into too long of a wait at a restaurant or somewhere and he's met his sit still limit, I can pull it out and bring up a game for him instead of breaking out the Mama tone instead.  Win/win!

#4--Will it be fast enough for me?
I feel correct in thinking that it's as slow or fast as the network.  Here at home where it's just our computer and maybe a cell phone or two pulling off the WiFi there's no lag-time at all in loading pages and data off the WiFi and apps stored on the device run just as smoothly as they would on the computer.  

I have yet to use the WiFi outside of the home because the need just hasn't presented itself, but I expect it to be the same as any other device in this aspect, if you have a lot of usage on a network, it's not going to run as good as it would on a more private network.

#5--Will I like reading books on a screen?
So far, yes!  My new cover helps that matter even more, though because it feels in my hands like it's a book and since I can adjust the brightness of the screen, it visually reads more like a book than I expected it to.  (And the Italian Leather makes me swoon as if I'm reading some rare first edition!)

Sorry, please ignore the giddy nerd talk.

It's actually more convenient to me to have the Kindle because now I can read in the car or in bed at night without having to bother Jason with a light.  And judging by how quickly I was able to devour my last two books, I feel like it's definitely not slowing me down.

So would I recommend the Kindle Fire to anyone looking for an eBook reader?  Absolutely!  Without hesitation!  But if you're only looking for an eBook reader with no other frills, you can save some money and just go with the regular Kindle or Kindle Touch.  There's no sense in paying for more than you'll ever use.  But if you're wanting a lite version of a tablet that doubles as an eBook reader, this is definitely my top choice.

Is it the best device on the market?  Who knows.  I'm Amazon brand loyal so that made my decision.  They had a device that was in the range of what I wanted and a price that was 75-80% cheaper than the ones I was previously dreaming of and it's backed by Amazon, so for me, yes it's the best device on the market.

Is it worth every penny spent?  And then some.  But be prepared to spend a little more than just the $199 price tag because I would not recommend investing $200 in something and not properly protecting it so I bought a 2 year warranty plan ($45), a good cover ($40), and some military grade screen protectors ($15) to go along with it.


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