Unless directly stated, no comments or statements on this blog site are directed at any specific individuals or situations.

I do not believe in calling people out or airing dirty laundry in a public forum, much less an international once-it's-out-there-it's-forever-there type of forum.  If I have an issue with a person or a situation, I prefer to figure out how to get over it myself, or take it to the person/people involved and handle it as adults (when possible).  Only the best things in life deserved be detailed and made immortal in writing.

However, since life is life and I write about my life, there are sometimes topics that I write about that may, in some-way, connect to things that have happened either recently or in the past.  Therefore, this disclaimer:  just because I write about a topic does not mean I am connecting it or aiming it at any single person.  I write about it because I believe in what I'm saying or I feel the need to say or share it.

I am not the person to take jabs or stabs at others through statuses, posts or ugly comments.  So if there is anything that you perceive in that way, please know that it is not my intent to make you feel guilty.

We're all human, we all make mistakes.  I might be writing about a mistake that I have made myself, which has a lot to do with many of my posts.  That's how I learn and grow and reinforce the behaviors I hope to cultivate within myself.
There are some topics that you will see on this blog site frequently.  Behavior, manners, respectability, and--perhaps most frequently--words.  I don't write about these because I'm superior than anyone else in these respects (or anything else), I write about them because I feel strongly about it and I have the right to. 

For years I've hesitated to write or not written at all about things that I believe in because I've felt a disclaimer was necessary so that others didn't think that I was writing about them, which would make someone feel all the more that I really was.  But since I write about things that I, myself, am guilty of, I will no longer not write about things just because others are guilty of them as well.  I never like double-standards, anyway.

And finally, if anything I write offends you, you're free to stop reading at any time.  I know that sounds extremely rude, but I'm past the point of writing for the purpose of gaining readers or pleasing others.  If I felt that need I would have written different material in an attempt to get published.  And while I don't rule that out in the future...it's not what I need this blog for right now.  This blog is for me to be me, so if you can't be respectful you don't need to be here.


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