Ethics Applied to Real Life

I spent the day in Continuing Education classes.

It's a necessary evil.

And most of the time (web CE excluded) it can be pretty enjoyable.

Today was the day that made up for any of the instances where it's not.

Because today was a blast.  The topics of two of the classes were restoration.  One was Mold Restoration and the other was Textiles Restoration.  And to end the day we had our Ethics class.

There's no dressing up Ethics.

It takes a lot of work to make ethics interesting.  Much less fun.  But our instructor today did all that and more. We had the best time.

And I even took something home with me.  Aside from the intended requirements.

Because in the course material I read something. 

And then I re-read it.  Except when I re-read it, I read it as (with parentheses added):
"If we, as individuals, conclude that relationships are a cut-throat world where anything goes and ethics (or manners) go out the door, then relationships (and faith in each other) suffer and individuals will begin to think and act in a defeatist way."
Why did I read it that way?

Because I've been there.  Remember how this blog started out?  A single mom who believed pigs would have to fly before she would find a man worth marrying.  And I remember all too well how I got there.

But it's not just me.  I've seen example after example of how this applies to our personal lives.  Be it romantic relationships, friendships or even family relationships.  It's not something only I have felt.  And it's not something I've only been on the receiving end of.  If I totaled the number of friendships I've had throughout my life and the number of friendships I batting average would be at the bottom of the boards.  And that's every bit as much my fault as it is anyone else's.  (Possibly more, I am horrible at keeping in touch.)

But it takes two.
And if both sides commit, equally and fairly, to a healthy relationship where only what's right goes and necks are hugged instead of slit....good things happen.  Because that's how it's meant to be.

We should give to our friends, family and spouses the same that we give in our professional lives.  They are, after all, far more important in the grand scheme of things.  Do what's right and do what's good.  Take care of those who matter.  Because ethics aren't just for business.

They're a type of continuing education we all need.


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