Bound by Bitterness

I was on my way to work this morning, listening to KLove as I usually do, and one of the morning personalities brings up bitterness.  He's been struggling with bitterness in his life and he had the realization that being bitter towards someone is the same as making a god of them.  You're focused on them and what they're doing and what they're saying and you're giving them all of your attention.  You are putting them in the position of a god and the only real control you have, the only way that you have to regain control of your life and your attention and to put your focus back on the One True God is by forgiving.

This really struck a chord with me.

If anyone is qualified to talk about bitterness, it's me.  I can hold a grudge like it's got a handle.

But I'm qualified to talk about the flip side of that coin, too, because I've had and currently have people holding onto bitterness towards me.  And the thing about it (speaking from experience), once someone gets it in their head to hate you or be bitter towards you...there's not a thing in the world you can do.  Logic, reason, honesty or apologies are all wasted because until they reach the point of letting it can't force them to, even if they're the one in the wrong (as we typically are to some extent when we're holding onto bitterness so tightly.)

I've held grudges over words that unintentionally hurt my feelings. 

I've held grudges out of words that were possibly meant to be helpful but were anything but because they didn't pass through the brain/mouth filter.  (Another thing I'm guilty of)

I've held grudges over honest observations. 

I've held grudges against people for holding grudges against me. 

I have previously and currently hold grudges against people for not accepting me as me.

I know all about bitterness and grudges.

And I know how it feels to reach that point where you're just ready to let it go.  You're ready to stop being mad and you're ready to get rid of that stress and the drama and the venom that your bitterness has infected you with.

Let it go.  Believe me, life is so much better without it.

Don't think you have any bitterness to let go of?  Good for you!  But here's the true test...

When you were reading this...were you thinking about you or someone who's wronged you?

Let it go.  Forgiving them doesn't release them of what they've done to you, they're still accountable for their words or actions.  But it releases you from the destruction you're doing to yourself over it.