Goodbye's the Saddest Word

I'm still trying to catch up on blogs from the last monthl. 


We returned from Disney one month ago tomorrow.

And a little less than an hour down the road from the airport (on the way home) we found out that Jason's grandfather was admitted to the hospital several days earlier.

I was driving, listening to my husband's end of the conversation with his dad and heard Jason tell his dad that we'd drive into town the next day to come see him.

And so we went from one fun but tiringly long journey to another tiring journey that wrung sadness from our hearts.

The next few weeks consisted of working all week, doing just enough laundry and dishes to get us by, and then heading out to see Grandpa at the hospital an hour and a half away.

From the limited information Jason gave me (why do men not think to ask or relay more information?) he seemed to neither get better or worse, he just had some days that were a little or better or a little worse than others.  It makes sense if you've seen or experienced it, I just don't know how to say it in a less confusing way.

Finally, Easter Weekend, Jason and I made the decision that we needed one day to try and recover from the pre-vacation, vacation, and post-vacation marathon we'd been running non-stop for weeks.  So that Saturday we stayed home with plans to drive back on Sunday and spend a few hours with each of our families and Grandpa for Easter.

But his Grandpa spent resurrection morning in the presence of the Lord.

Which was bittersweet.  It always is when you think you'll have one more chance to say good bye.

We still drove in to spend time with each our families and to let Ty hunt Easter eggs with his cousin.

That Tuesday we had the visitation and the following morning we had his funeral service which was probably one of the nicest funeral services that I've been to.  And that's saying something because me and funerals are like oil and vinegar.  We just do not mix.

But the gentleman that performed the service knew Jason's grandpa very well and was able to speak about him on a personal level that had us laughing more than crying.  Though tears were still shed and the sadness still deep, He made saying goodbye--the most difficult of words to express--a little easier.


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