I have my reasons

I have quite a few reasons, actually, why it's been forever since I've last updated.

For one, we went to Walt Disney World for Spring Break. That's been three whole weeks ago. I planned to have an update by now that was overloaded with pictures.

But we came home to a situation that was much more priority than a blog. Jason's grandfather was hospitalized with pneumonia during our vacation. We didn't find out until after we got back so the next day we were on the road again to go visit him. Which we've done for the past few weekends, however we lost him Easter Morning and laid him to rest yesterday morning.

The limited "free" time we've had has been occupied by soccer practice, a game, and the overwhelming need to sleep. My house hasn't been properly cleaned since the week before we went to Disney (and after a full month of a less-than-par house, it's really affecting my mood to go home to it--especially since the cat is also acting out over us abandoning him so frequently). I haven't been caught up on laundry in the same amount of time. Our bathrooms, our sheets...it's embarassing to think of all the stuff we've not had the chance to clean. But that will hopefully end this weekend once we've had the chance to rest, recover and rejoin non-zombielike society.

I have several blogs I want to write on basically everything above so that's on the agenda as well.

Until then, we're planning to spend the weekend as complete and utter bums.

And I can't wait.


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