My To Do List

I'm constantly texting or emailing my husband with things I want to do or we need to do or should consider doing.

He gives me his feedback and then in a week or two, I clean out my inbox and sent items in an effort to reduce space used.

And those ideas are gone forevermore.

Or at least for a few months until I email them to him again and he probably rolls his eyes and probably wonders why I keep sending him the same ideas over and over.

So I'm going to attempt to spare him and get them all written out here so that in however many years it takes to be able to do them I can come back here and remember what it was that I was wanting to do in the first place.

And just so I can feel like I've accomplished something by then, I'll start with the To-Do's for the weekend. 

Because I'm already planning it out. 

That's what I do.  Ask my husband.

This Weekend
  • Clean the house (dust, floors, bathrooms, pick up...all the standard stuff)
  • Wash sheets and linens
  • Remove the grass from around and mulch around the now-caged Magnolia tree given to me for Ty's baby shower that the dog has reduced to from about 48" tall beautiful flowering tree to a 16" tall leafless, flowerless, sad little sight. (don't get me started on how upset I am with the dog over this....)
  • Get the outdoor table and chairs out of storage and carry off the wooden ones that Zelda has chewed to death (again....don't get me started).  Unless I can figure out something else to do with them....then I'll move them to the short-term projects list.
  • Get out the Disney Headbands game that the Easter Bunny brought The Boy and have some fun playing it with him.
  • And tentatively, maybe spend some time at the park or fishing with The Boy and make up for the lack of time that we've dedicated to him over the past few weekends...we've also got our Magic Springs Season Passes to go process, too.
Short Term Projects We'll do in the Near Future:
  • Get a half-dozen bags of lava rock and fill and cover the area off the back porch where the dog has dug numerous holes (need I repeat myself on the "don't get me started" thing?) Obviously we won't be able to put any plants in it until she's done destroying literally everything capable of life, function, or purpose but we need to stop her from digging against the foundation of the house at least.
  • Paint Ty's bedroom.
  • Build shelves for Ty's closet.
  • Strip and repaint Ty's chest-of-drawers so that it will open and shut more easily.  (Lesson learned: 
  • Recover my leather parson chairs that are marred by cat claw marks (I wanted to recover them eventually anyway so there are no hard feelings on this).
  • Paint our Bedroom
  • Find & hang curtains for the guest room.
  • Sell the desk & computer monitor that are occupying space in the guest room.
Long Term Projects That we May or May Not Eventually Do:
  • Replace the carpet & tile in the living room, foyer, kitchen & halls with hardwood floors.
  • Restain or paint the vanity in the bathroom to a darker wood color
  • Add a light over the kitchen sink.
  • Redesign the kitchen so that it allows for better function & more cabinet space.
  • Put a window in the garage.
  • Put cabinets up in the laundry room.
  • Expand onto the patio out back and possibly build a deck, too.
  • Add more flooring and build shelves in the attic.
  • Completely reorganize the attic
  • Reogranize and "beef up" Jason's man-space in the garage.
  • Re-landscape the back-yard to replace the 10 (planted) bushes and plants that Zelda ate, as well as the countless potted plants that she devoured this year and last year both....
  • Sand and refinish the wood cabinet that my grandmother's sewing machine is housed in (this is under long term because I first want to learn how to do it properly so that I can get it as close to original as possible)
  • Landscape around the weeping cherry tree in the front yard.
I would like to say that is all, but for those of you who know know more will get added to this list than will get marked off of it!

So there are (some) of my (current) to-do's!

What are some of yours?

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