Reigning it In

We have a rule in our house.

The basic idea of it is that you can't say whatever you want when you're caught up in the emotions of frustration or anger or irritation and then just apologize it away later.

We also have a rule that any sentence starting with "I'm sorry but..." and ending in even a hint of negative feelings is strictly forbidden.

We don't want our kids growing up thinking that they can just say whatever they want to hurt and embarrass others without repercussions so we're trying to emphasize it from the get-go so that someday, when Ty's a sullen teenager with a chip on his shoulder, he'll at least have (hopefully) learned to keep his mouth shut and he'll avoid the trouble it would otherwise get him into.

The problem with rules like these is that we--the adults--have to be burdened with leading by example.

Which stinks.

Especially since we all know that I have the tendency to pop off sarcastic remarks without a moments hesitation, let alone a second thought.

And nights like tonight are especially hard because I'm not feeling well and I'm tired and I'm irritable and my son was supposed to have his room cleaned twenty-four hours ago.

And so tonight, after telling him all evening long "Quit playing and clean", when he had the audacity to tell me, "I'll make a deal with you, Mama.  How about if I have my room clean by tomorrow night then..."

That was as far as he got before he got (figuratively) slapped in the face by my stink eye.

Cause Mama ain't making no deal.  Mama told him last night to get that room clean and it wasn't.

And Mama's told him all night tonight to get that room clean and at T-minus 7 minutes to bath-time and it's still not clean....Mama ain't making no deal.

Mama didn't tell him "Clean your room and (insert any bribe here)", Mama just told him "Clean your room."

See the period at the end of that sentence?

But Mama knows better than to open her mouth at such a time.

Because I have a blasted example to set.

And that stinks.


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