Murphy Says...

Do you ever have one of those days where it seems like you can't do anything right and everything is going wrong?  July has been one of those days for me.

Cousin Murphy apparently came for an extended stay at the Harris Household.

Everyone knows Murphy. 

He's the one that (accurately) said "What can go wrong, will go wrong."

My Daddy always added that line at the end of it that amended "and at the worst possible time."  And today I say "Amen" to that!

Murphy got an early start in June when he Yellow-lighted my husband's PS3.  Not anticipating any of the following problems we'd face, Jason decided that instead of waiting untill his birthday or Christmas to replace the PS3, he'd rather get a replacement now and consider it his present when those times came up.  At that point in time, we could make it work financially without any major issues.

And that was where it all began. 

Our freezer took a temporary hiatus at the beginning of the month that cost us all of our frozen treats, ice cream, and a good bit of meat, too.  Fortunately, I noticed the puddle of bloody water while most of the meat was still at refrigerator temp, so not all was lost.  Thank the heavens. 

The following weekend the leather on two of my door-panels peeled away after the heat disintegrated the glue that was holding it in place.  Having dealt with this on another door last summer, I knew that to replace it with OEM parts would be $550-$700 per door.  Or to get an automotive shop to fix it would be $75 for the one door.

We weren't touching those just yet, though, because it also appeared that I would need new rear brakes on my car, as well.

I priced that out and it was going to be $180 no matter how you diced it.  (Fortunately my Daddy swept in and saved the day and gave my car a complete once-over.) 

During the time that my dad had my car and was working on it, we were preparing for The Boy's birthday party.  I had set aside that Friday night to do all the cooking so Saturday could be a quick clean-up before the party.  However when we came home that night we found we had no electricity.  We got as much done as we could without electricity (which was basically just putting together and filling the favor boxes) and then we hung out as long as we could before we were forced to retreat to a hotel that night for some rest.  The ETA for repairs had started at 6 pm, then got pushed back to 10 pm, 12 am and 3 am.  They finally got it restored at 1:30.

The next day I blew through all the preparations and got everything done just in time.  My dad returned my car in perfect working order.  Whatever was causing the noise when I braked has since ceased and no rear brakes were needed.  At just under 80,000 I'm only halfway into the ones I have.  The lack of that repair bill was such a pleasant surprise that we decided that since I'd already separated the cost of the brakes out of our budget, we'd put that into fixing the leather door panels on the car.  We just had them do all four of them so we'd have it all over and done with.  Since we were doing all four, it cost significantly less than it would have to do them separately at $75 a door.

How soon we forgot how Murphy works. 

Within 24 hours of getting my doors fixed I dropped my new-ish bottle of Coach Poppy perfume and broke the sprayer top off of it.  I didn't lose (much of) the perfume, thankfully, so I can still buy an atomizer and only be out that cost instead of the whole bottle.  (Super glue wouldn't hold the glass together, I tried)

And within mere hours of that, we were driving down Interstate 540 headed to Oklahoma to see my cousin and her new baby when we heard this God awful noise of something hitting my car and my sunroof shattering.

I guess if there's an upside to this it would be that whatever hit us appears to have only hit the sunroof so there's no body damage to my car.  And the glass held in the frame and stayed (overall) intact.  Plus the sun shade was closed at the time so no glass or fragments would have come in even if they'd splintered free (which happened when an 18-wheeler sped past us with such force that it sucked the broken glass up in such a way that it now not only appeareed to have been hit from the inside instead of the outside, but it whistled in the 70 mph wind for the rest of the trip, too.

We got to my cousin's house and her sweet Fianc√©, Mic, taped it up for us to help weather-proof it and keep the glass from falling in on us (should we open the sunshade).

And of all times for this to happen, it couldn't be during the month-long drought we experienced last month, it has to happen when we're finally getting afternoon showers several times a week.

Thankfully....I'm insured.  While it will cost us a deductible to get this fixed, it will cost us much less than it would to cover it all ourselves.  And thankfully--as my mom pointed out--we didn't have to endure what some of my former coworkers have to deal with when the windshield busted out one hour into a 6 hour trip in the cold of winter. 

However, I still wish Murphy would bugger off and leave us alone!  August can't get here soon enough!


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