Be Good and Do Good

Every morning when I take Ty to school, we have our own little spiel of conversations.  It usually starts as we leave the subdivision with a question or a comment made on his part.  Most days it somehow evolves into a lesson.  Whether it's a science lesson about lightning or electricity or an ethics lesson on why I think it would be unacceptable to beat Dad to teach him not to accidentally bump my side-mirror on my car when he gets out of his truck inside our over-crowded garage.  (True baffles me the things he suggests sometimes)

This is how the course of our conversation goes for the almost-20 minute drive from our house to the school.  Every day it's a new topic, but the end-routine is always the same.  When we turn into the school drive I tell him to get his stuff ready (which means getting his backpack and lunchbox ready and going ahead and unbuckling so he can get out when the staff opens his door).  Thus begins Mama's standard goodbye.

"I hope you have a good day today, Bub."

"Thanks Mom."  (Sometimes he'll wish me the same.)

"I love you"

"Love you, too."

And as the door opens for him to embark on his day, I always tell him, "Be good and do good".

And the door closes and he's off.

And sometimes I wonder if he hears those words, but I always want them to be the last words he hears from me as he starts his day.

Be good and do good.

It's my wish for the kind of man he'll grow up to be.

I don't want him to just act right and behave inside the confines of polite society.  I want him to actively do right. 

I want his actions to be a reflection of who he is on the inside.  Because he's a compassionate and kind-hearted kid.  He's a do-gooder and a pleaser like his Mama.  But he's an only child, so he can be selfish.  He's a boy, so he can be loud.  And he's his learned enough from his PaPaw that he can be a little onery, too.  ;)

But down at the core of it all, he's good.  And that's not just a Mama's bias.

It is how I want him to stay, too.  So that's why, each day, as he's faced with new decisions, my final reminder to him is always "Be good and do good."

It's my wish for the boy he is and the man he'll grow up to be.

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  1. He is a wonderful little man and thats in huge part to the wonderful mother he has :)