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I made the unfortunate mistake of discovering a new website last week.

It's bad.

Really bad.

It's all I want to do (besides reading, nothing can come between me and my reading).

A week into my new obsession and I've not even discovered a tenth of the wonders that this new website has to hold.

I've also discovered that The Husband and I don't make near as much money as we need to be making because now I want to re-model my current house AND I want to build a new house just so I can try out all the wonderful ideas that this website is giving me.

Like this.

It would be Boys Night every night at our house while Mama & Darcy (my Kindle) enjoyed a bubble bath.

Or this tub.  I'd feel like I lived in a movie if I had this tub.

I would need a room where I could build bunks into the wall like this.  And it'd need a communal table for card or board games and probably sectional seating for TV, movies or video games.  Cause it's where the kids, nephews & neices and all their friends would hang out.  Each bunk would need a little light of its own and a little shelf at the head, of it though, because late night reading is promoted at our house.

I'd have to have lots of land because I'd need the kids would need a spectacular pool out back like this...

And it wouldn't be very useful, but I've wanted a secret garden ever since I read the book.  And it'd have to have something like this in the center of it. 

And I'd need plenty of room for raised-gardens that my imagination tells me I would absolutely have to have.

Oh, and for The Huband, he would get a man-cave complete with this.

Except instead of a wet-bar (not very family friendly), I'd have him a man-kitchen for frying up hot wings and other man-food for the big game.

I could spend (and possibly will) the next year discovering all the wonderful things that has to offer. 

You should, too.

It's wonderful.

And just as addicting as Pinterest.


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