It Changes You

I found something out recently. 

Something I'm glad to know and yet I wish I didn't know at the same time.  You know how it works, I'm sure we've all been in that situation before.

The part that I'm glad to know is that someone who's under no obligation to like me or be kind to me showed me a kindness.  And it was something I would have no reason to ever know about.  It was something that no one would have blamed her for making a decision otherwise, because business is business.  But this person made a business decision based on a personal situation, and even though they have no obligation to like me or be kind to me, she made a decision that showed respect for me and my feelings (even though it was something that she would never know that I would find out about).  And she earned respect from me because of it.

The part that I wish I didn't know is that the aforementioned individual was put in in that position in the first place.  It was something that--had the above individual not been considerate of me and made a business decision based on business alone--I would have not only found out about, but would have had to endure with a quiet grace.  Because that's how I (try to) roll.

So there's this disappointment of the fact that it ever happened in the first place.  And there's this new respect and appreciation for how it was handled.

And no matter how small it seems in writing, it changes you.  On one hand, for the better, and on the other hand, for the worse.  But these things change you nonetheless.

What are you doing today that might change someone else's perspective tomorrow?  And what kind of change will you make in them?

Our actions and decisions long outlive the perceived results.  I hope to always be mindful of that.


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