Changing Directions

I keep coming back here. 

I keep opening up a new post and I keep wanting to write something, but I don't.

This is my place to take what's inside of me and purge or express it.  But when I come here and I open a new post, all that comes to mind is things I cannot say about ugliness I'm supposed to pretend isn't deliberate.  While it's a ticking time bomb before that verbal explosion goes off....that's not what this is for.

This blog has been my place of hope and my place for change and my place for me.

And, you know, there's a little of all three going on in my life these days.

Many of you know that I work in Insurance.  My Agent is retiring at the end of the year so there's a lot of changes going on right now.  I've known for almost the whole of this year that each office birthday we celebrated would be our last office birthday to celebrate together, so it's been a bit bittersweet.

I've only been at this office for a little more than two years now, but when you spend half of your waking hours with your coworkers, you tend to develop relationships with them and I have some pretty special relationships with some of my coworkers.

I've been blessed to know and get to work for my agent for these past two years.  You all know that I set a high standard of expectations in myself and in others and Roger meets them.  He's a kind and generous man.  He's one of those above-and-beyond types.  The number of stories that I've been told by coworkers and customers of Roger and the heart he has for others has only made me more inspired by the example he's set throughout his 30 years in Insurance.

One of my goals in life--which unfortunately I fail at regularly--is to be the kind of person that makes others better for having known them.  Roger is this kind of person.  He's a Christian, a husband, a father, a PaPa, a friend, a boss, and an avid golfer!  But he's an all around nice guy and I'm glad I've gotten to know him and work for him so there's obviously some sadness that the next phase of our lives will bring some separation between me and this man that I admire.

But looking forward, I'm excited to work with my future/new boss.  

Let me just back up a bit and interject...God has been in this whole process.  He's been in it in a big way.  All the concerns that I had...being separated from my favorite coworkers, being paired with a boss that will be compatible with me, being able to grow and learn and serve my customers....God's been in the details both large and small.

I'm so excited about my new agent and the role he's asked me to take in the new agency.  I'm excited that I'll get the chance to work for another good man with great ideas and a positive attitude.  I'm excited that I'll continue working with one of my favorite coworkers.  In an ideal world there would be  another one joining us, too, so I'm sad at that.  But there's a lot of good waiting ahead of us.  

And we're going head-first into the most overwhelming part of this change now.  My new agent will be signing a new lease any day now, I've been working on a floor plan for the office layout and I'm so thankful that he encourages me to share my opinions and ideas and thoughts on this whole process (because you KNOW how hard it is for me to keep those to myself!).  Construction will start full-force soon and a stock-an-office shopping list is being accumulated and negotiated with a local store where we can hopefully submit a full list, haggle out a price, and have everything drop-shipped to our office when we're ready for it.

Along with those changes, our current office will start to clean out, we'll celebrate the last few birthdays and holidays together and come December 31st we will close our doors for the last time.  When we return to work on January 2, it will be to a new office, a new boss, and a new chapter in my life.

I guess it's only fitting that I change the chapter in this book, too.

Just remember, change is a good thing. 


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