Mama, Are We Republicans?

My seven year old got very into the election this year.  I know they've been discussing Presidents at daycare, but his school has apparently also been discussing the election as well.

Having worked around politics before, I hate them.  I hate the lies, the deceit, the slander...politics is not something I will ever willingly participate in because I'm just not the type of person that can easily let stuff roll off my back.  Personal attacks should never be "just part of the game".  You know me and my obviously politics aren't a frequent discussion point at our house, though we may make comments in passing on relevant matters.

Which is why it surprised me when Ty took such an interest in the campaign and the election and even went so far as to tell Jason and I who we needed to vote for.  When I asked him why he felt that way, he only had a child's logic to put behind it, but he was adamant in his decision and his support for his candidate. 

However, last night we did tune in for the election results which prompted a string of questions from Ty as the night progressed--along with a whole slew of information he'd learned on term limits and such like that. 

At bedtime last night Ty asked me "Mama, are we Republicans?" (knowing Jason and I had cast our votes for the Republican candidate.

"No baby, we're Christians."

I elaborated by telling him that we vote based on our Christian beliefs and what man we feel best represents those values and beliefs.

One of my deciding factors in this election was Abortion, so I tried to explain that to Ty. 

"Some parties believe in killing babies while they're still in their Mama's belly."

"I'm glad you didn't kill me while I was in your belly."

"I never even cosidered it, baby.  You had a heart-beat before I even knew you were in my future.  You kicked in my belly.  You had the hiccups in my belly.  You even jumped at loud noises that scared you while you were in my belly.  You were a living, functioning little person.  God gave you life and if he went to all the work of creating you...I believe you were meant to be and it wouldn't be my place to think I was smarter than God."

"I'm glad I'm alive."

"I'm so glad you are, too."

I read on Facebook today, "How can we expect God to stand with us when we're not standing on the Bible?"

How can we expect blessings from a God whom we have alienated, whose greatest blessings we abort because it's inconvenient or painful? What future do we have when we kill the future off before it's born.

God help us...and God help our children--the ones we don't murder have as dire of a future as the ones we do.


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