It ISN'T What It Is

I've had a frustrating week.  I'm allowed a rant.  So bear with me.

I am so sick of the phrase "It is what it is"

Has this suddenly become the most popular cop-out in America?  I rarely heard it before but the past few months I'm now hearing it everywhere.  And it's almost always used as a way of avoiding responsibility.

You know me, you know I'm all about the accountability--even when it sucks.  But that's part of the reason why I'm able to respect myself.

It isn't what it is.

Life is the culmination of decisions and the results of those decisions.  Sometimes the results of those decisions rock and sometimes they don't.  When they rock, we're all too happy to take credit, but when they don't rock, we still have to admit that they're the results of decisions.  And if we were a part of what "it is", we need to grow up and own it.

It isn't what it "just is".  It is what we--as a general whole--have made it.

Quit copping out and start owning up.  Our country will never move forward until it does.


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