A Long Time Coming

I know that a lot of you that don't have daily interactions with me IRL are wondering what's up.  I basically dropped out of the Blogosphere completely and left a lot of you wondering what's up, and though it coincided with my marriage and new life in another location, it didn't actually have anything to do with that specifically.

I went through what every other blogger goes through at some point.  

Nasty criticism.

And like most bloggers, it came from the realm classified "Friends and Family".

And given that I can hold a grudge like it's got super-glue coating on the handles...it's taken me three years to decide what I should have said up front:  "This blog was never about you to begin with, it's about me."  And similarly, "This blog was never for you to begin with, it's for me."

I enjoy writing.  I enjoy the friends that I met and connected with through writing.  And with only a few exceptions, every follower I earned (and those I lost in my absence) enjoyed me and enjoyed what I shared.

So why stop what I'm doing because a few people don't like it or choose to use it against me?  That's a good question.  

The thing I've learned about my critics is that they're not anyone I'm interested in impressing anyway.  

Please forgive the language, but this seriously made
me laugh!  I couldn't pass up using it!

The thing I've learned about my supporters is that they're fiercely defensive of me (and they exhibit a bit of pack-like behavior, too.)

So, I'm back to blogging.  Not for you, but for me.  And if you have something ugly to say about it....go ahead, it reflects more on who you are than who I am (even if you only say it behind my back).

So say what you want, but don't get upset if I throw you to the wolves for doing it.

And for all my little wolf-like friends and family, thanks for being the reason I want to come back.  Thanks for being my "safe place" and for encouraging me to do what I love.  You're a lot of the reason that writing is a peaceful place for me.


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