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The Boy With His Fingers Crossed
My kiddo has been asking me for a blog this week.

Which lead to both pride and a bit of anxiety on my part.  Obviously I'm proud that he sees this is something I enjoy and like to do and I'm proud that he considers it something he might like to do himself.

But I was a bit anxious because you come into all these questions of how to properly police it, for lack of a better word.  But he's persisted in wanting a blog so he can share his summer and his days with the virtual world who might want to get to know him.

And I'm all about growing him as both a reader and a writer, so this could be good for both of us, right?

That's what I'm choosing to go with.

So we struck up an agreement.  I set up a blog, and he can write them.  He cannot, however, publish them.  Before they go live on the blog, Mom will proof-read, edit, and then publish the blog for him.

This is my way of  letting him see what I'm changing and why (tonight was Proper Names and why we capitalize them).  It's also my way of making sure that nothing is put out there that doesn't need to be such as names, locations...stuff like that.

So anyway, the blog is up and the blog is live....and a bit to my own chagrin he's getting more comments than I've gotten in months.

Check his blog out if you like.  I can make no promises as to what will be posted or how often it will be posted in the future but I encourage you to like it on Facebook and keep up with his adventures as he/we share them.


WAIT! Don't just leave your comments on Facebook!

Join in the community and leave them here! Not only will your thoughts and responses stay here for ever and ever and ever, but you can join in the community that makes a blog worth coming back to!

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