Incredible You

I've been watching my page views for weeks now as I've edged upon 50,000 page views...which just blows my mind.  Instead of being able to catch it, though, my audience has blown right past it before it even crossed my mind to check again and see what number I was at!

As it stands—right this very moment—I have had 50,548 page views to my blog.  Which kinda blows my mind.

I've posted 463 public blogs which means that on average each blog gets approximately 110 individual views.

Not bad for a small-timer who basically took two years off to lick her wounds.

You guys know everything there is to know about me (pretty much), so I'll tell you something about you this time!

Based on statistics, I would guess you're from the United States, you're using Internet Explorer (tsk tsk) on a computer or device running a Windows operating system.

No big deal, right, that basically sums up everyone that you would expect to visit my blog, right?

Well, interestingly enough, I have a global audience with the following countries accounting for my readership:

          United States (57%)
          Russia (16%)
          China (10%)
          Germany (6%)
          India (4%)
          Taiwan (2%)
          Serbia (2%)
          Indonesia (1%)
          United Kingdom (1%)
          Romania (1%)

A disappointing 40% of my readers use Internet Explorer (I feel the need to blog about this and why it makes me feel bad for that percentage of my readers...) where 22% use Firefox, 13% use Chrome, 11% use Opera, and 2% are checking it out on their mobile devices (though I suspect part of Opera's stats are also mobile users as well).  The other 13% are using a compilation of other web browsers.

As far as operating systems go, 76% of my readers are using a Windows based operating system.  Only 8% are using Macintosh.  10% are browsing the blog from their iPhone or iPad and the other 6% are using Linux, Android and other operating systems.

Twenty-seven percent of my readers arrive at my blog from a Networked Blogs post either on Facebook or Twitter.  Twenty-two percent seek me out on Google (surprisingly, "Julianna Hough naked" is one of the top referring keyword searches that sends people here which I find to be extremely curious since I have one blog that even discusses the dancer...and she's fully clothed.)

Moving date, my most commented-on blog has been Happily Ever After-All.  This post garnered (only) 8 comments.  I obviously need to work on engaging my audience better....that's something to figure out going forward.

And on that's where you chime in.  Of whatever blogs you've read (that you remember); what was your favorite?  What do you love reading about and what dead horse have I beaten far beyond its death?  You've played a part in the 50,000 views—I'd love for you to come back and enjoy the blogs I post between now and 100,000 views.


The Husband and I worked in the front yard this morning.  Our shrubs were threatening to take over our home so that needed to be fixed because they afforded the local black widow population too much space to play, prey and repopulate.

So we broke out the gloves and the hedge trimmer and I donned my knee-high rubber boots (after shaking them out vigorously, just in case.  I have a thing about spiders hiding in my rubber boots.)

And after a little more than an hour of me trimming (Jason declined the 'honor' as apparently 'picky' is too light an adjective to describe my preference) and him cleaning up the clippings and weeding, we were left with this transformation.

I may have gotten a bit ambitious on a few of the shrubs, particularly the one in the middle on the right that's supposed to be spikey and not so rounded....but it'll grow back.  The important thing is that there is less hidey-space for spiders to make themselves feel welcome at.

In the "During" part of this process I thought it was interesting that I found a pair of handcuffs in the third back bush from the left.  

In the after we watered some severely diminished plants in the yard and on the front porch (that's a whole other "to-do" project).  I killed two more black widows and decluttered the front porch a bit in an effort to eliminate hiding spots for the little fiends.  We were just about to walk in when I spotted a large wolf spider on the ledge of brick on the front porch. 

As I raised my foot to step on her I commented to Jason, "Eww, she's covered in babieeeeeEEEEEEEE!  Get the spray!  Get the spray!!  Get the spray!!!  Grossgrossgrossgrossgrossgrossgross!!!!"

Jason returned from the garage with the spray and went to spray the swarm when I yanked it from his hand and insisted that I would feel much better if I were the one to douse the area with bug spray.  He laughed and far-too-casually-for-me stated, "Don't you hate when that happens?"

"That was the first time that ever happened to me," I told him, "in case you couldn't tell by the freak-out."

But our bushes are trimmed and our spider population has decreased by approximately 3,000 so all-in-all, I'm thinking it was productive.

Mama Boy Night

The Boy and I snuck a Mama Boy night last night.  The husband (who had this a few days ago) slept in the guest room so that The Boy and I could share a bed for the evening before he's too old to want some extra time with Mom.

We snuggled and giggled and talked about things like whether Grandpa JT could hear Ty in heaven when he talks to him, or my cousin Jerrid and how old he was when he went to heaven and what he was like before he died.

We sang "Come Home Snoopy" together and whispered about Dad and how Ty hoped that Dad would remember that he promised to make him eggs for breakfast this morning.

He started to get quiet and I thought he was about to fall asleep when this conversation took place.

Ty:  Mama, you know that hole in boys underwear?
Me:  Yes.
Ty:  Sometimes when I wake up, my pecker is poking out of that hole.
Me:  That's normal, a lot of boys wake up like that.
Ty:  Does Dad?
Me:  Sometimes.
Ty:  Does he ever rub his pecker on you when it does?
Me:  Dad mostly says on his side of the bed.

Needless to say there was a change of subject before that conversation went any further....I'm just so not ready for my 8 year old to know the ins-and-outs of reproduction.  I can so see all the other Third Grad mothers calling me out at the PTO meeting for teaching my son something that he would no-doubt go to school and teach their children!