The Husband and I worked in the front yard this morning.  Our shrubs were threatening to take over our home so that needed to be fixed because they afforded the local black widow population too much space to play, prey and repopulate.

So we broke out the gloves and the hedge trimmer and I donned my knee-high rubber boots (after shaking them out vigorously, just in case.  I have a thing about spiders hiding in my rubber boots.)

And after a little more than an hour of me trimming (Jason declined the 'honor' as apparently 'picky' is too light an adjective to describe my preference) and him cleaning up the clippings and weeding, we were left with this transformation.

I may have gotten a bit ambitious on a few of the shrubs, particularly the one in the middle on the right that's supposed to be spikey and not so rounded....but it'll grow back.  The important thing is that there is less hidey-space for spiders to make themselves feel welcome at.

In the "During" part of this process I thought it was interesting that I found a pair of handcuffs in the third back bush from the left.  

In the after we watered some severely diminished plants in the yard and on the front porch (that's a whole other "to-do" project).  I killed two more black widows and decluttered the front porch a bit in an effort to eliminate hiding spots for the little fiends.  We were just about to walk in when I spotted a large wolf spider on the ledge of brick on the front porch. 

As I raised my foot to step on her I commented to Jason, "Eww, she's covered in babieeeeeEEEEEEEE!  Get the spray!  Get the spray!!  Get the spray!!!  Grossgrossgrossgrossgrossgrossgross!!!!"

Jason returned from the garage with the spray and went to spray the swarm when I yanked it from his hand and insisted that I would feel much better if I were the one to douse the area with bug spray.  He laughed and far-too-casually-for-me stated, "Don't you hate when that happens?"

"That was the first time that ever happened to me," I told him, "in case you couldn't tell by the freak-out."

But our bushes are trimmed and our spider population has decreased by approximately 3,000 so all-in-all, I'm thinking it was productive.


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