Mama Boy Night

The Boy and I snuck a Mama Boy night last night.  The husband (who had this a few days ago) slept in the guest room so that The Boy and I could share a bed for the evening before he's too old to want some extra time with Mom.

We snuggled and giggled and talked about things like whether Grandpa JT could hear Ty in heaven when he talks to him, or my cousin Jerrid and how old he was when he went to heaven and what he was like before he died.

We sang "Come Home Snoopy" together and whispered about Dad and how Ty hoped that Dad would remember that he promised to make him eggs for breakfast this morning.

He started to get quiet and I thought he was about to fall asleep when this conversation took place.

Ty:  Mama, you know that hole in boys underwear?
Me:  Yes.
Ty:  Sometimes when I wake up, my pecker is poking out of that hole.
Me:  That's normal, a lot of boys wake up like that.
Ty:  Does Dad?
Me:  Sometimes.
Ty:  Does he ever rub his pecker on you when it does?
Me:  Dad mostly says on his side of the bed.

Needless to say there was a change of subject before that conversation went any further....I'm just so not ready for my 8 year old to know the ins-and-outs of reproduction.  I can so see all the other Third Grad mothers calling me out at the PTO meeting for teaching my son something that he would no-doubt go to school and teach their children!


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