Closing Arguments

I've been focusing a lot on positivity and negativity lately.

For several months I've toyed with the idea of implementing it into my blog for 2014 (still chewing the cud on that one).  As I've tried to call myself out on my own negativity in order to get rid of it, I've been noticing it hiding in plain sight in other places as well.  Which lead to a conversation tonight when the husband got miffed with me earlier this evening when I referred to him as 'negative'.  He adamantly insisted that he's not negative.

A short time later we were laying in bed and I had the blissful realization that tomorrow is Friday and thus tomorrow is jeans day.

I commented, "I could really get used to this whole two days on, then off one, two days on, and then off two."

He responded, "It makes the week feel like forever though."

Dismissing it, I continued on, "No, it's great!"

Negative Nancy countered, "You get two Mondays!"

"And two Fridays and two Saturdays!" I quickly responded and then added, "See?  Negative!  There were two positives to point out and you chose the one negative!"

Ladies and Gentlemen, I rest my case!

P.S. - This post published with permission.  My apologies to all of my would-be-verbal-assassins (of both the in-your-face and the behind-the-back varieties), you'll have to find another reason to annihilate me.


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