Everyone's asking for my resolutions.  I don't get this, but sure...whatever.

Can we just start with the fact that I wasn't completely kidding about this?

I mean, seriously!  It's a great idea!  And some of the women (and one man) on my friends list agree with me!  (Or are humoring me).

But yet, people are asking—most likely out of habit—"What resolutions did you set for the year?"

And while I could list seriously boring things like 'Getting in shape' or 'Focusing on the positive' (which would be on my list, I've decided that life's a little more fun when you take it less seriously.

So my resolutions for 2014 are as follows:
  • Replace any of my traditional words of frustration (including but not limited to "God Bless America!", "Son of a Gun!", and "Dadgumit!"—no judgment, I live in The South) with "Blimey", "Bugger", and "Bollocks".  They make me want to smile and if I'm frustrated a smile would be a good thing.
  • Figure out a pattern and sew my own fleece footie pajamas.  With thumb-holes and pockets.  (Seriously not kidding.)
  • Build something.  Not sure what yet.  Ideas I'm mulling over would be a Tardis-shaped birdhouse, some wooden Calvin & Hobbes cutouts for the front yard (again, seriously not kidding), a picnic table, or some sort of garden-ish something (ideally with capabilities for a fairy in residence).
  • Unplug and empty the fish tank in the guest room since Harry Potter (the last fish) is now fully disintegrated. 
  • Convert some poor unsuspecting soul into becoming a full-fledged Whovian.  
  • Draw something that I deem "good enough" to hang in the house.  (Preferably something a little nerdy)
  • Paint something (else) that I deem "good enough" to hang in the house.  (Preferably something a little nerdy)
  • Determine the timeline of a bruise.  (Already started on this one.  So far Day 4 is the day the bruise is the darkest.  Green & Yellow tones come into play on Day 6.  We'll see if it's consistent.)
  • Read 52 books.  (Working on this one as well).
  • Complete the conversion of The Kitten into being a lap kitty.
So that's really about all I've got. 

All attainable, but all fun, too.


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