Counting Down | Six weeks to go!

Today we are officially 34 weeks pregnant!

Beckett Dean is six weeks away from making his grand entrance and I'd like to say that everything is nice and neat and tidy and just waiting for him.

In all honesty, my house is a mess from recent renovations that have now spilled over into a full scale organization process.  I'm determined to de-clutter and put things away in a proper place, instead of just getting them out of the way and not having to deal with it right now.

I still haven't painted Beckett's room, though I did finally finish our bedroom after buying the paint for it last May.  I have the paint for his room and as soon as my living area is de-cluttered, I will start working on his room.

My goal is to have it all done by the end of the month...but my goal is to also take my time and not over-exert myself, too.  Those two goals have been in competition with one another lately.  We'll see, maybe they'll both be able to win.

All is going well with the pregnancy.  The only concern we've had so far is with my low platelet count.  However, my doctor is optimistic that this won't be an issue.  If it becomes one, they'll err on the side of caution.  It wouldn't be ideal, but it's not in my control so I'm doing my best not to worry about it.

There have been dozens of conversations had around me about individuals having simple surgical procedures and then having blood clots that have cost them their lives or almost cost them their lives.  I would absolutely love it if those conversations went away or were had outside of my earshot, it makes it feel like there's a ticking clock over my head and I could really do without that.

Beckett has been one very active little boy.

I couldn't help but laugh when I got this email from Pampers today.

If anything it feels like Beckett is partying because he knows that  his time on the inside is about to come to an end and he's going to have ROOM to dance!

Next Tuesday we go to the doctor for our 34 week appointment.  I fully expect to have exceeded the "expected 1 lb a week" weight gain the Dr. has advised me I should see.  My legs, feet, and hands have been extraordinarily swollen lately, which is something I dealt with during my pregnancy with Ty.  Along with the swelling, I believe I may have developed a bit of tendinitis in my thumbs, most especially my right thumb.  I've read that this can be common during pregnancy and may persist afterwards as well because I'll be using different muscles and tendons that aren't as well-used while lifting and tending to Beckett.

The joys of motherhood!  But it will be so worth it to FINALLY get to see his little face (which he hid from us in EVERY ultrasound) and to feel his little fingers and toes.

Six more weeks.

We've got this!