DIY: Trampoline Redo

This week I've used muscles that I don't believe I have ever used before in the history of me.


I hurt in places that I didn't know there were muscles that could hurt.

For instance, when putting deodorant on this morning I discovered that there are very obviously muscles in ones armpits. And mine were screaming at me!

When attempting to tuck a shirt in this morning I realized just how many different places that different muscles are located in your upper arms (LOTS). I abandoned that shirt very quickly in favor of one that didn't have to be tucked in.

And while writing down a phone message earlier, I learned that there are muscles all around your fingers and throughout your hands that are obviously not used in any strenuous capacity throughout a normal day's work.

Speaking of fingers....the finger tips of both pointer fingers and both thumbs are so swollen that my iPhone can't identify my fingerprints for my Touch ID.

What's got me all bent out of shape (quite literally)?

In a nut-shell it would be candidly honest to just say that I got my butt off the couch. But more specifically, I've been putting together a trampoline for The Boy.

On Monday evening, The Husband and I got the trampoline out of the attic where it's been in storage for 3-4 years now (thanks to Destructi-Dog's destructive tendencies....) That evening while The Husband tended to The Baby, I assembled the trampoline and attached as many springs as I could do on my own (about half of them). The Husband then came out to help me with the last few and then we moved the trampoline across the yard and we called it a night.

Yesterday evening, part two commenced after purchasing some pool noodles and some textured Rustoleoum spray paint. Again, The Husband watched The Baby (and cooked supper) while I spray-painted the frame and springs of the trampoline. I let that dry while I had supper and dissected pool noodles into 6" sections. Then I went back out and removed the springs one at a time and slide them into the pool noodle sections before reconnecting them to the frame.

All seventy-two springs.

At the end of the night, the trampoline looked like it was brand new.

And this morning I felt like I was quite old.

But it will be so worth it to be able to see The Boy having fun in his yard again.  It's been too long, it's time to take our yard back.

Baby's First

Look who made the Dallas Comic Con Facebook page!

How completely cool is that?! And how completely cute is this boy!

More to come later, I just had to share!