Bring back the Man's Man

I was skimming through Instagram this morning and came across a post that made me so confused.

"Toss your hair in a bun,
drink some coffee,
put on some gangsta rap
and handle it."

What's confusing about it?

I read it and immediately coudln't decide if it was intended for a man or for a woman.  Men are wearing buns more often these days than women.  Men have prettier hair these days than I do!  This bothers me!

And down the rabbit hole I went.

Because it also bothers me that we've embraced a culture where men transform themselves into a "Ladies Man" so they can get women...but what a Lady actually wants is a Man's Man.

And a Man's Man is an endangered species these day.

Ask the men!  My husband would agree, when it comes to connecting with other men, he's more drawn to a "Man's Man" kind-of-guy.  But those men seems to be becoming the exception and not the rule.

I would love to see the return of the Man's Man.  I would love to see the return of Manhood in itself.

Let's ditch the man bun, give the skinny jeans back to the women, and trim down or shave off those ridiculous beards!  A beard doesn't make you a man, being a man makes you a man!  And while we're at it, let's throw "Swag" out the window and bring back class.

The 2020's are coming up, we can ditch "Men's Fashion" and go back to "Men's Style".  We'd be doing everyone a favor.  Get your hair cut, clean up that face, and get an outfit that fits you properly.  Not too loose and not too tight.  Can we do that?


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